Motivation is the driving force that encourages an organism to act towards a desired goal. Read the following article to know the art of motivating yourself.

Motivating Yourself

Many times in our life, we get stuck at problems. Nothing goes like planned and obstacles invade us from all directions. Then problems make us look like sitting in a dark room with no windows and no doors. It is that dark room, where we feel alone and no light of hope come towards us. We may suffocate there and call for help. But there is no one listening to our cries, no one coming to our rescue. It is probably the time when we realize that we are our own help and we have to look to find a way to get out from the darkness. All we need at that time is little effort and self motivation. Self motivation is the virtue of the great people who face several obstacles in their life with the help of this characteristic. Self motivation is a combination of zest and determination with a kind of excitement that leads one to persevere to reach greater heights. We can get motivated by a number of factors but their effects don’t last longer. Self motivation helps in delving into our inner strengths and abilities. Here are mentioned some easy ways that will help you in motivating yourself.

Determine Your Cause
Having a cause is the most powerful source of motivation. A cause will inspire you to give your best even in the times of difficulties. It will encourage you to do the impossible looking tasks. While other sources of motivation have a temporary effect, a cause you believe in will inspire you indefinitely. Whenever you feel deflected from your course of action or see obstacles, just come to your cause, you will be back on your path.
Fear is Not Bad
Another strong motivator we have is fear. The fear factor is known to induce people to do impossible tasks. Let the fear factor work for you. You must be genuinely concerned about your future and securities in case if you lose your job. You will do whatever needs to be done to save your job, sometimes performing efficiently well. In such circumstances the earlier obstacles will fade to the background.
Have a Big Dream
Causes could be powerful motivators but they are abstract in nature. One needs to make them specific in forms of dreams. Having a dream keeps you motivated and provides a goal for you to achieve. It helps in formulating the course of action. But just having a dream is not enough; it should be challenging to inspire you for more. It should encourage you to use your abilities and act beyond your comfort zone.
Tell Someone About Your Goal
If you have made some goals or objectives to achieve, don’t restrict them to yourself. Tell others about it, your family, friends and colleagues. Once you have made your goals public, you will more liable to achieve them. Now you know that you have made a verbal contract with these people and giving up of your dream, would let you lose face with them. Many people don’t speak about their goals in public as they're scared of failure. Those who want to succeed in their goals, should tell as many people as they can.
Be Passionate
True motivation comes with passion. Mere desires can not help you and can not guide you through difficult times. We all have talents and strengths in us but it is the passion that makes all the difference between the best performers and the mediocre ones. If you sincerely believe in your cause and dream, you will have your heart and soul both embedded in it. Once you will have that hunger inside you, it will very hard for you to deviate from your goals. This passion will inspire you in times of obstacles and will encourage you to look for solutions.
Get Organized
Organization is the key. If you are well organized, you will be ready to face challenges. You will be aware of your strengths and weakness. Organization help in making lists of tasks that you have to complete and also help in formulating your plans and actions. Organizing will make you more balanced and will increase your productivity. If you are performing well, motivation will come on its own.
Avoid Comparison With Others
Most of us do the mistake of comparing with the progress of others which is highly de-motivating. We probably have started well but when we compare with others, we lose our energy and focus. Comparison generally creates anxiety and causes us to deviate from our actions. Instead have your own race. If you take a competition with your own self, it will prove wonders for you and will provide enough motivation for you to perform well.
Don’t Quit, Try Harder
When we face obstacles on the way, we lose hope and consider quitting. This is what that makes all the difference between winners and losers. While the losers quit when faced the problems, winners strive for success and use their courage to continue. When you face difficult situations, don’t think of quitting, instead take a step forward. At that time, don’t think about completing the race but focus on taking next step. You will eventually complete the race and will achieve success.  
Allow these tips to provide you with the motivation you require in achieving success in your life. Remember to strive for excellence.

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