Need to improve your self esteem? Find some valuable tips for boosting your self esteem and feeling positive about your life, in this write-up.

Improving Self Esteem

“Ugh! How skinny are my legs? I’m sure that the football coach will not even let me give a try when he sees what a wimp I am”. Consider another statement made by another similar-looking guy - “I may be skinny, but I can really run, I’d be a good addition to the football team”. Two similar people but two different thought-processes and as such, two different statements! Self esteem makes a huge difference in an individual’s life. While both the guys are skinny, one amongst them is extremely negative, while the other is positive and confident about his selection in the football team. No person is born perfect; thus, everyone has some amount of good looks and bad looks, strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives. But, with the right amount of self esteem, it helps us to picture a good mental self-image of ourselves, which is highly significant for portraying a better ‘me’ in the world. For, the way we feel about ourselves influences how we live our lives. People with good self esteem are likable and lovable, leading better relationships, with help and support from friends and family, whenever required. A healthy dose of self esteem is essential for making you more attractive and fun to be with. Wouldn’t you want that to happen soon and always? Scroll through the lines below to discover tips for raising your self esteem and living life, filled with happiness, freedom, and lots of confidence.
Improving Self Esteem
Stop Self-Criticism
Being extremely negative about yourself and others result in hurting no one, but you and yourself only. Negativity increases your stress levels, apart from lowering your inbuilt confidence, if you have any. Thinking and talking negative about others is another factor of low self esteem as, since you are unable to lead a happy life, you start criticizing and interfering in others’ lives. By eliminating all sorts of negativity, not only will your stress levels be lowered, but your self esteem will also be boosted. And if you desire to be a part of criticism, direct it towards the issue, and not towards the person. Here, your prime motto should be “Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative”.
Speak your Mind
Keeping your emotions and thoughts within you will only add to depression and stress levels. As such, let them out and speak your mind. Let out everything that you had been accumulating in your mind for long, without planning in advance what you need to speak. But make sure that you do not willfully hurt any person. Speak out loudly and clearly, without yelling and ensuring that the listener is not straining his ears. Besides, if you receive criticism, listen carefully and accept it gracefully. Even if you disagree with the statement made, put down your opinion calmly, but if you agree with it, find out what new you can learn from it. Either way, do not be overly sensitive about the issue.
You’re Not A Perfectionist
It is absolutely normal to be imperfect, for if you are too perfect, you’ll be considered abnormal. So, stop thinking that you lack qualities, possessed by others. Be happy the way you’ve been created by God and at least, thank Him for what you are. It is okay to be less perfect, so you do not need to crib over it, time and again. Most of all, never let your imperfection stand in your way to building and boosting your self esteem. Success and failure come together; thus, it is alright to be unsuccessful for once, as you will have several more opportunities to prove your worth and attain victory. Learning how to be flexible, will help you go way ahead in getting rid of stress and improving your self esteem.
Find Positive Friends
Hanging around with people who bitch and moan is always fun and enjoyable, but you are bound to become one of them eventually. Therefore, find positive people who possess positive thinking and are willing to provide support in times of need. Criticizing and grumbling about other people will only add on to your stress, thereby making you think all the more negative. Also, this would garner negative publicity for you. Looking for and enjoying company with feel-good people will induce you to think similarly and inculcate their habits.
Give and Accept Compliments
Amazingly, complimenting people, in turn compliments your self esteem. If you think people are good, it is always a good approach to add to your self-respect by letting them know about their positivity. Similarly, if someone has passed a compliment to you, accept it and do not dismiss it. Doing so will be ridiculous and highly demeaning on your part. Just like you had an opinion and felt good about others, same is the case with others. If people walk up to you and praise you, accept it, even if you do not agree with it.
Compare Yourself With Yourself
Comparing yourself with another person is illogical, as both of you are two different individuals with different attributes and characteristics. Stating that you are worse than with Mr. X will make you even more miserable. Comparing yourself with how you are today and how you were yesterday sounds sensible. And if there has been an improvement in your present from your past, it is great and should be celebrated. However, if there hasn’t been any improvement, you know that you need to improve yourself.
To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are! Incorporate the above tips in raising your self-esteem and loving yourself for who you are.

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