Having social anxiety is inevitable, but the art is to overcome the same. Read this article for some extremely useful tips on overcoming this phobia in the best possible way.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Are you unable to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, because social anxiety is standing in your way? If you have been considering social anxiety to be another form of shyness for long now, then it’s high time that you know that social anxiety is far more than just shyness. Being afraid of speaking in public is a different thing, but when you are scared of ordinary things like interacting with others, you have a complicated life to deal with. Even the mere thought of mingling with others can get your heart pounding, your voice shaking, your breath increasing, your stomach upsetting, and you sweating profusely. For people who have been a constant victim of these feelings, facing public is a sickening nightmare. It is obvious that some people get a little self-conscious and nervous while being around others, but suffering from complete social anxiety worsens the quality of life. With a little bit of guidance and confidence, you can open the door to the world filled with new friendships, new job opportunities, and, of course, lots of fun. Given here are some simple tips for getting relaxed and beginning your journey from being a socially conscious soul to being people's person.
Overcoming Social Anxiety
Be Relaxed
Your reaction in social gatherings is the result of your self-programming. Since you are intensely worried about any forthcoming social situation, you are constantly linking anxiety to the event. As a result, when you actually get into the social situation, you get anxious, as you have programmed yourself in the same manner. Change this response before you confine yourself into a corner and stop walking even amongst the crowds. Relax by sitting in a comfortable chair or in a warm bath. Give yourself time to think about the future gathering by imagining yourself at the event, looking relaxed and confident. Remember, you will not become a perfectionist in the first instance; practice and your body and mind will become accustomed to this new and better automatic association.
The more you avoid something, the more you are directing your unconscious mind to keep out of it, because it is dangerous. Imagine yourself living in a 12-room bungalow for over twenty years. You’ve been using 11 rooms all these years, but haven’t entered the 12th room. One day, you peep into the mysterious room, but you feel tensed and anxious. Reason being you have built a clump of fear towards that room for all these years. It is common that we always avoid what frightens us, and in turn, we end up getting frightened by what we avoid. Thus, expose yourself to more social events and help your unconscious mind eliminate social anxiety completely.
Focus Outward
People, who always look inward and rate themselves shy in social gatherings, have worse recall for external environmental details. This makes it sufficient to conclude that to lower social anxiety, one must need to focus outward. Although it may sound strange and weird, but whenever you are out on a social event, examine the color of the furniture, any pictures on the wall and their subjects, and what clothes other attendees are wearing. Give it a try and see how you are focusing away from yourself, which is exactly the main purpose of social situations. You can also focus outward by asking questions to people, thereby directing your attention on them. Ask them open-ended questions and remember their answers to use them at later stage for reference, which again is an attempt to shift attention outward.
Take Care of Yourself
When you are left with no options of avoiding social anxiety and are completely out of balance, start off from the base. Get lots of sound sleep at night and get out of bed early in the morning. Do not lie in your bed indulging yourself in deep thoughts and occupying your mind again. Have a good shower and dress well. Pamper yourself with hearty, healthy food, which you haven’t had for quite sometime. Even if your mind isn’t functioning properly, at least your body will stay healthy. Do all things that you enjoy engaging in, like reading or walking in the park.
Kick Your Anger
Since you are occupied with anxiety and tension all the while, it is apparent that you have fears dwelling in your mind. Depending upon your fear and feelings at a particular moment, you can express different emotions. At one time, you may be sad, while at another point, you can get frustrated with your fruitless efforts, cursing yourself how people easily manage their lives and you aren’t able to. Do not keep the anger and frustration within you. Instead, kick it out. Allow your inner voice to roar out loudly, giving you some relief and lightness inside you. This relief might just help in pushing you a little further as you have done something useful, which you usually don’t think you can do.
Remember, life will be easier, simpler, enjoyable, happy, and fulfilling once you learn how to tackle social anxiety. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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