Want a career in advertising, here are some courses in advertising that are sure to give your career a flying start!

Advertising Courses

Advertising is no glamorous affair, it is hard work, and as much as you would want to believe that all it involves is hopping from one shoot to the other and just brainstorming for innovative ideas while you casually chat with your co-workers, it is not the case. Now that the bubble is broken, you can begin with what is advertising; advertising is the act of promoting a product cost-effectively and innovatively. It involves a culmination of economists, researchers, artists, producers, writers, and business people. When all these people sit together to brainstorm the end product is an ad-film. The advertising industry entails print media, television, outdoor advertising (billboards), celebrity brand building, as well as movie promotion. Advertising as a career entails excellent career prospects. However, to break into the industry is not easy without a course. There are bachelors, masters, diploma, and certificate courses; here is a short overview of what is available.
Career In Advertising
Course Details
All a bachelors program requires is that you have graduated from high school. A bachelors program makes one adept in promotion of products, services, and brands. Maters is also an option, the masters in advertising is usually a combined program in marketing and advertising. Potential candidates to master's programs in advertising are expected to have taken the ‘Graduate Record Examination’ (GRE). There also exists a ‘Bachelor of Science’ program in advertising, it is a 4 year course and emphasizes the process of researching demographics and identifying trends. Good communication skills, a creative and dynamic personality along with good computer skills will give a person an extra edge in this highly competitive line of work.
Details Of The Course
The Curriculum ForThe Bachelor’s Degree  Includes:
  • Advertising theory
  • Marketing strategy
  • Campaign methods and techniques
  • Media management
  • Business management
The Curriculum For The Masters Program Includes:
  • Advertising strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Special events promotion
  • Crisis communication
The Bachelor Of Science Program Has The Following Curriculum:
  • Advertising Layout
  • Media Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Writing Copy
  • Visual Communication
  • Principles of Sales
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Information Systems
  • Journalism
  • Photography
There also exists a two year associate of science course in advertising that can be followed up by a BS.

Of all the programs the Bachelor of Science program is the most comprehensive of the lot.

Creativity is the key to sustenance in this industry! Along with ingenuity good communication skills, a vibrant individuality along with computer dexterity will give a person an additional edge in this exceedingly cutthroat vocation.


As far as specialization is concerned, based on your skills you can either specialize in the managerial side of advertising or the creative side of advertising. When it comes to the managerial side, specializations in public relations, media management, business management and advertising strategies are some areas of specialization. However, if there is a writer hidden in you, then there is always specialization in copywriting. Photography and visual communication are some of the other things that will add extra value to your profile with a specialization.

Career Prospects
Graduates may find employment as copywriters, account executives, market researchers, salespeople, media planners, or publicity consultants. It is a highly sought out field, but job opportunities are plenty. It is reported that there were over 600,000 jobs in marketing and advertising management in 2004. This number is only bound to increase. An advertising degree coupled with a marketing degree is an even more lucrative option. It is also reported that in the next eight years, this is the only field that is going to experience maximum growth. The best past about advertising is, in certain scenarios it is not essential to have a degree in advertising to do well in the industry. It is highly creative field and if you are willing to put in long hours, you can learn a lot on the job. 

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Advertising

  •  Miami Ad School , Berlin, Germany
  • Miami Ad School , Hamburg, Germany
  • Miami Ad School , Madrid, Spain
  • Miami Ad School , Miami, Minneapolis, San-Francisco, New York, USA
  • Miami Ad School , Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Virginia Common Wealth University, Virginia, USA
  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA
  • University of Florida, Florida, USA
  • Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmadabad, India
  • Symbiosis Institute of Communication, Pune, India
  • Indian Institute of Mass communication, New Delhi, India
  • St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India


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