If social networking is your vice that threatens your daily work productivity, this article will help you transform that vice into a professional asset.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Facebook, twitter or your ex-girlfriend’s blog aren’t exclusive tools for killing spare time, but on a more lucrative front they are excellent cogs of social media marketing strategies. The onset of social networking spurred a new dimension to the booming field that is marketing via media. Job opportunities in this emerging field have touched an all new high and have simultaneously unleashed a fresh curriculum specializing in social media marketing. Internet is without a doubt inescapable, if not indispensable. No matter how hard we try, to keep the foundation of our company intact, we will resort to the internet for assistance. We slowly find ourselves enslaved by the concrete chains of social networking. Of course, there might be minorities that rebuke social media but the fact remains that the heavier section of the world is bound to have a blog or a facebook account or a twitter account! So why not exploit these newly developed media to sell and market a brand? This may strike you as wobbly, but if your daily agenda revolves around tweets and splashing everybody’s facebook profile with witty comments, this is an option you should not ignore. Continue reading to gain a broader picture of the courses available in this budding field.

Career In Social Media Marketing

There is no particular bachelors degree in this specific field of study. However, an undergraduate in mass communication, advertising, computer programming or marketing in general would all set the standard for a candidate to apply for a masters program or a diploma in social media marketing. One could even specialize in this popular field as he or she pursues an MBA. A student with any background is welcome to migrate to this arena of work. More than professional education, what is more crucial is the innate skills and abilities of the candidate to prosper in this new industry. Fees for courses in social media marketing are generally on the higher side.

Details Of The Course
These courses are designed to train participants to adopt the skills and confidence necessary for managing and integrating various ‘social media tools’. They offer genuine tips on how to optimize a social media presence for your brand or company. Assignments, dissertations and real-life projects dominate the course structure and prepare students to face challenges within today’s market. The topics below quickly summarize the syllabus of the course.

  • Introduction To Social Media & Web Analytics
  • Business Blogging
  • Establishing A Professional Blog Presence
  • Common Questions About Blogging
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Understanding Social Media
  • Importance Of Social Media In Business
  • Social Media As A Brand Building Tool
  • Gathering Customer Feedback Through Social Media
  • Implementation Of Attention Grabbing Techniques And Tactics
  • You Tube As A Marketing Strategy Device
  • Using Youtube Insight For Useful Video Analytics
  • "Secret" Strategies For A Successful Social News Push
  • Tracking Clicks To Your Links With URL Shortening Services
  • Measuring Social News Campaign Success
  • Marketing Businesses On Twitter & Facebook
  • Building Fan Bases On Facebook
  • Customer Interaction Via Facebook
  • Leveraging Advertising Options On Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Common Viral Marketing Formulas That Generate Success
  • How To Get Free Ad Space To Promote Your Message
  • Networking Opportunities Available On Flickr
  • Growing And Managing Your Contacts In Your LinkedIn Network
  • Choosing the right keywords for press release
  • Balancing press releases with good media relations

Career prospects
Career prospects range from strengthening the customer base within your own company to starting a business that assists the marketing efforts of a multitude of companies. Merely attracting fans to your facebook page helps in gaining more traffic to your company’s blog. On attainment a master certification program, you will be delighted to find your name listed amongst respectable consultants and practitioners. As a professional in social media marketing, demand of his or her expertise that includes enticing over 250 million facebook users to join fan pages and build brand loyalty increases. Professionals gain valid customer insight and refurbish their marketing strategies that largely boost their careers.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Social Media Marketing
Since this branch of marketing has sprung up just years ago, it hasn’t completely evolved as a course. Nonetheless, a wide array of certificate courses is available online and so on. Here are some of the institutions you should probe into:

  • Birmingham City University, UK
  • NIIT Imperia Centre for Advanced Learning (IAMAI), India
  • Full Sail University, University Boulevard, USA

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