Archaeology is associated with the study of past human societies who graced the earth centuries ago. Read on to know what it takes to build a career in archaeology.

Archaeology Courses

Human beings are curious creatures. We always are interested in gaining insights into what was, what is, and what is going to be. If an apple fell off a tree, it was important to know what caused it to fall off the tree. If there are stars in the sky, it was extremely important to know what stars are and why they shine down on earth. If a small seed grew into a big tree, it was essential to gain knowledge on what caused the seed to become a tree. It is this curiosity that in a way led to the birth of archeology, for archeology is all about discovering secrets on what was! By definition, archaeology is the study of the human societies who belonged to the past. This study is made possible by the recovery and detailed analysis of materials that were used by societies of the past. Archaeology in fact owes its very existence to the artifacts and relics recovered by the people who desired to know more about the societies and civilizations of the past. Facts about these civilizations were also established through the study of environmental data and cultural landscapes. A career in archeology is for those individuals who genuinely believe they have an interest in the same. It’s more of a calling than a choice that has to be consciously made. Read on to know what it takes to be eligible for a course in archaeology, the career prospects and the institutes offering courses in archeology. 
Career In Archaeology   

In the current scenario, an individual interested in pursuing a career in archeology will have to do a course in the same. An individual can take up a bachelors course in archeology, a post graduate course in archeology or even do a PhD in the same. In order to be eligible for an undergraduate program in archeology, a student will have to be done with a 10+2 from a recognized board. In order to be eligible for a masters course in archaeology, an individual will have to be a graduate and preferably in a discipline that warrants the desire to do a masters in archeology. In order to be eligible for a PhD in archaeology, an individual will have to be a graduate and should also possess a masters in archeology.  

Details Of The Course
A course in archeology, be it an undergraduate program, post graduation program or a PhD program will focus on turning a layperson into someone who understands the nuances of archeology better. Archaeological course will throw light on the systematic study of extinct societies and the past of living societies. All this will be made possible by means of the analysis and interpretation of what is left behind by these societies. Courses will include instruction in archaeological theory, dating methods, field methods, museum and conservation studies, cultural evolution, the study of past cultures and physical evolution. It is modules like these that form the core of a course in archeology.

Career Prospects
For those students or aspirants who believe in digging out answers to put at rest their curiosity, a career in archeology is the best bet. It is a rewarding career and in simple words is suited most for those people who possess a keen sense of observation, tendencies to investigate and a strong will. It is important to mention here that a career in archeology requires students to exercise copious amounts of patience and cope with stress by the truckloads. Students can land jobs in government institutions and even private organizations. Budding archaeologists can also find jobs with the armed forces of a country, museums, cultural centers, art galleries and the like. Archaeologists who possess the right degrees from reputable institutions and are clued-up can take up teaching and research work too. Institutions all over the world always have vacancies for archaeologists who possess sufficient knowledge and experience in the field. 

Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Archeology
  • Institute of Archaeology, New Delhi, India
  • Boston University, Massachusetts, United States of America
  • School of Archival Studies, Delhi, India
  • Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts, United States of America
  • Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, Delhi, India
  • Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Patna University, Bihar, India
  • Thomas Edison State College, United States of America
  • Punjab University, Punjab, India
  • Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Gujarat University, Gujarat, India  

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