Dive into the pool of mysteries that will make you smarter! You have heard about them, now you simply need to explore them. Go through this article on becoming smarter to know more about it.

Becoming Smarter

Don’t you just love it when the imaginary little yellow light turns itself on in the background just when you need it the most? It’s a definite hands downer yes! But this light turning itself on in dire straits is not the sign of smartness; rather, it’s the words that come out from your mouth the very next moment that defines smartness. Smartness is the ability to think about the best piece of information at the worst possible time and then putting it forth in the most elegant and precise way possible that explains itself to one and all. Agreed that not everybody in world possesses this exquisite ability and many would have caught off guard and fell victim to blabbering something that made the audience give a blank expression rather than marveling at your verbal and intellectual charm. But that doesn’t mean in any way that you’re any less smart than anybody else. Nor does it mean that it can’t be improved or bested upon. It is however a neat trick, cultivating which will lead you exactly where you want to be. Read further to know about what is it that will make you smart.
Becoming Smarter
You know how exercising tones up the muscles of the entire body and increases the stamina so that it can cheerfully and comfortably bear the load of strenuous activities through the day? Well, observing is just like exercising, but for the jammed up muscles of the brain. Don’t just go through the day sleepwalking, observe whatever comes your way in whichever way your thoughts take you to. Observe people you talk to, observe people who talk to you, observe people talking to each other, observe the events, observe what you see on television, observe whatever you read. Just observe; but don’t forget to absorb it to use it later in your quest to become smart.
Education: it’s not just to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to secure a high paying job. It works in tandem with the “observing” and builds up a mighty reservoir filled with the sea of the knowledge of the world, the flood gates of which can be opened at will to make use of the worthy water. However, the child like curiosity with which you once asked questions about the little things of life slowly fades away, giving way to a world of boredom. It’s important that when you study; you study with the same “I want to know” enthusiasm. You may find it a little difficult to channelize that child like energy in the same way, but the only way up is by giving it a shot. Only then can the purpose of education be successful.
There’s a whole different unexplored territory of thoughts, opinions, and experiences of many, a territory that will largely go unexplored if you don’t make it a habit to read about different things and people on a regular basis. Read different books about things or of authors that interest you the most. Not only will it widen your horizon, but will improve your vocabulary. If you haven’t tried a particular genre, don’t discard it as “not my types” before giving it a proper read, into the few pages. Try it first and then decide how much of it do you actually like. It’ll increase your radius of reading and in turn, will help your mind grow. Get a library subscription if the habit grows out of control; only for good of course.
Be Precise!
If it isn’t your thing, make it your thing and then make the thing that is called your brain work like the thing that is magic. Wasn’t that smart? No need to answer, we’ll tell you – it was not! You see, the thing is, (pun intended) trying to make oneself sound smart sometimes backfires and makes one look dumber than before. It’s all fun and fine during the casual talks but in actual conversations that demand depth, it won’t work a bit. Refrain from this habit of framing complex and trying-to-be-smart sentences like the above and be more precise and to the point in your conversations. Work on your ability to convert complex sentences into simple ones by explaining the concept to those who might have not understood it.
Tips to Become Smart
  • If you don’t know how to do it already; set all your attention to solving the Rubik’s cube. Also, regularly indulge in crossword solving or solving math related puzzles as it will keep your brain in flow nearly all the times.
  • Educating, reading, and observing are all foods for the brain but in the process, do not forsake the actual food. Nutrients derived from fruits and vegetables provide the much needed energy for healthy functioning of the brain.
  • Make friends and mentors with the right people who are known to do above of the things. Being in their company will not only motivate you, but will help you learn from the best through their advices and experiences.
  • Contrary to the dumb belief, exercising (the literal one) doesn’t tire you up, but is absolutely essential for a good health, and in turn: a fresher mind. Also, don’t mess up with your sleep and doze off for at least good 7-8 hours on a daily basis. It’s during sleep that mind stores up information acquired during the day.
  • Apart from exercising, meditating or doing yoga also helps ease up the soul and the body; leaving one feel fresher than ever. Meditating will open your mind and will help you visualize about different things.
Join the bandwagon of the smart people by sticking to what you just read and by making use of these tips. Smartness awaits you with open arms!

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