You love charismatic people and at the same time, wonder how to become one? Explore this piece to discover simple secrets on being charismatic and grabbing attention.

Being Charismatic

Why is it that some people always become the talk of the town while others are lost in the crowd, despite making endless efforts to grab attention? Why are some people more charismatic than others and succeed in making their presence felt? Well, the answer to your questions lies in the questions itself. It’s charisma that is a problem for you, and so is the answer. You have met charismatic people and seen them exuding oomph and charm with poise. But you have no clue about what charisma actually is and how can you become a charismatic person? Only if you are able to solve this little mystery will you find yourself listed under charismatic personalities. It is the personal presence, the gravitas, the magnetism, and above all, ‘that special something’ which sets some individuals different from the league. When used at the right place, being charismatic can highly enhance your relationships, your career, and your social life. As such, it can open several doors in life, just as luck, beauty, and social position does. Though these three qualities cannot be possessed by every person, but anyone can become charismatic and proceed further towards captivating the crowd and reigning the industry. Given here are some keys that guide you towards becoming charismatic.
Being Charismatic
Take a Chill Pill!
The next time you come across or meet a charismatic person, take another closer look at him. Don’t be overwhelmed by his looks; observe his self-control. Every charismatic person is relaxed and makes himself comfortable in social settings. In this way, he is able to have a healthy interaction with people around. This is what you have to practice and display in public. Agreed that not everyone is talented to fake comfort among people, but the sooner you learn to get over it, the earlier you will start sending out positive vibes. So, take a deep breath, relax, and stay calm.
Display Confidence
Although charisma has nothing to do with being confident, but displaying confidence can enhance your charismatic personality. Once you are able to put people at ease and induce faith in your abilities, you’ll be a step ahead towards becoming a charismatic individual. For this, you’ll first have to improve your posture which is a good aspect of conveying confidence. Be straight while sitting or standing up, make a firm handshake while greeting people, and look into the eyes of the other person. Leave behind your nervousness and be easy. Never cross your legs or arms while talking to a person and always keep your hands at a distance from your face.
Complement Your Speech With Your Body Language
While you are communicating with people, if you manage to use your body language effectively, charisma will speak for itself. Observe people carefully and their gestures, in particular. You will notice the difference between people displaying fake or out-of-sync gestures and those justifying their body language brilliantly. These are most often actors, religious leaders, and pundits who communicate effectively and balance their speech and body language. Now, consider yourself in the same place and observe your gestures. Stand in front of a mirror and give a speech or pretend having a conversation. Examine your emotions and make necessary corrections. Practice and improve your body language.
Watch Your Words
Displaying confidence and being charming is not sufficient to becoming charismatic. Think over every word before you speak and phrase your content carefully. If you have nothing important to speak, prefer keeping silent. Though it may take some time to get accustomed to this habit, but with time, right words will start flowing automatically. And if you are a chatterbox, try limiting your talk and to your surprise, you will start becoming charismatic as well as interesting.
Add Some Wit
A gentle wit is one of the hidden secrets for turning into one of the most charismatic and charming personalities, people would have ever met. Pick up some witty sayings and use them at the right time to break the ice and bring a smile on everyone’s face. Alternatively, if you possess that natural sense of humor, you can rephrase or dig in some of your own witty lines to infuse heart-warming laughter in the surroundings.
Make People Feel Special
It is natural and typical for all of us to believe that we are more special than those encircling us. But if you can make other people feel the same, you are likely to create a positive impression or gain their reputation at the first instance. By complimenting others talents, achievements, and characteristics, you will be convincing people to like you more and show them that you are proud of being associated with them. Feeling good about themselves is likely to raise the bar, attract them towards you, and hold a better opinion of you. Now, that’s what you call being charismatic, right?
Developing the charismatic trait is an art. The earlier you understand it, the more would you practice, the sooner you would become an expert of it. Become charismatic and make yourself known and stand out in the crowd.

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