For being successful in your career, you need not just work hard, you need to work smart. Here are a few career success tips to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Career Success Tips

There was a time when people were reluctant to let go of one government job; nowadays professionals proudly tell tales of their job hopping. There was a time when people with good communication skills were considered chatty, too talkative, even glib tongued; now everyone realises the importance of effective communication. There was a time when all kinds of work were to be done manually; and now they have installed computers at all conceivable places. Career options, choices and work cultures keep changing with time, nature of work too changes, but none can override the importance of working hard and putting in your best. However, if working hard is supplemented with working smart and keeping a few guidelines in mind, it only brings you ever so close to your personal and professional goals. These guidelines or tips do not always change and are known to be relatively timeless. Also, they are known to work for all kinds of professionals across various career fields. Here are some tips for ensuring career success.
How To Succeed In Career
Here are some tips that will help you gain success in career:
Set Your Goals 
Setting both short and long term goals will give you a clear idea about where you are headed and how far you have reached in your pursuit of that goal. Come up with one, three and five year plans and set realistic goals that are achievable and keep updating them from time to time.
Find A Mentor 
You are sure to run into at least one person in your field who will be willing to guide you, who will also feel a reasonably good comfort level with you. Refer to this person whenever you are in doubt or need to make an important decision related to career; as the comfort level between you and your mentor increases, he or she will be able to guide you in terms of other day to day issues as well.
Never Cease To Learn 
Learn something new every day and keep an open mind towards work. Remember that the world is not a stagnant place and that what is state of the art today will become obsolete tomorrow. Thus, the importance of updating your professional skills and credentials cannot be emphasized enough.
Be Someone’s Mentor 
You could, in turn, mentor someone junior to you in the profession, to be able to assess your own skills as a professional, in terms of leadership skills and responsibilities. Also, this is an excellent way of networking.
Know Yourself 
You have to be honest with yourself about your own strengths and weakness. You will have to practice seeing yourself as critically as you see others and yet be tougher with yourself, especially when it comes to handling responsibilities of other people, your juniors.
Sharpen Your Communication Skills 
Till a few years ago, communication skills were never given as much thought as they deserved; they were considered unnecessary. They are, on the contrary, very important to success in your career. Constructive results is what constructive feedback brings! Remember that simple adage.
Keep Goals Of The Company In Mind 
You need to treat your company as your most important client instead of losing sight of the vision, mission, values and objectives of your firm in anything you do. Also, the policies and procedures of your company should never leave your mind; you must seek to work within them or work with the leadership teams that amend or improve them.
You need to build a network of contacts for yourself to be able to survive in today’s world, especially professionally. So if it means that you have to be in touch with your aerobics class people or your high school classmates, do so. You never know when you might need any of them for anything.
Show Professional Civility and Politeness
The bottom line is to treat others the way you would expect them to treat you – your manners should be impeccable, respect before you expect respect and generally display courteous behaviour. All these little things will travel a long way in the workplace. Also, in all cases, steer clear of office gossip and spreading negative opinions at all costs. The surest way to lose the respect and trust of your boss or peers is to bad-mouth those you work with or previously worked with.

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