Do the multiple salutations for cover letter confuse you to an extent where you can differentiate between what's right and wrong? This brief article will reinforce you with the right ones.

Cover Letter Salutations

No journey can reach its finish point if it starts on a rocky patch. An inappropriate salutation can be fatal for any cover letter. Especially when one devotes a lot of time on his or her cover letter and job résumé, endeavours might go down in vain if the concerned authority is dismayed with the salutation. You must be formal and professional with the cover letter salutation. Being too informal or getting too personal might obstruct your chances of having an interview arranged. Sometimes authorities interpret “casual salutations” as a bit offensive and toss your letter and resume out of the window.
Highlighting salutations helps the manager understand that you took the trouble to employ the standard formalities of cover letter writing. You will thereby be portrayed in a positive light; as a courteous and responsible employee. Whether handwritten or by e-mail, all cover letters demand a formal salutation before the body. If you have the specific name of the contact person, include their name in the beginning of your letter. Read on to be familiarized with the suitable salutations for cover letters.

Salutations For Resume Cover Letter
If you are aware of the hiring manager’s name, then do include it in the salutation as shown below:
-Dear Mr. Ravishankar
-Dear Mrs. Ravishankar
-Dear Ms. Fernandez
-Dear Lindsay Duff
-Dear Dr. Solomon

Follow the salutation with a colon or comma (whichever you are more comfortable with). For Example:
-Dear Mr. Ravishankar:
-Dear Mr. Ravishankar,

Several companies avoid listing contact persons in websites and e-mails conveying job availability. This is because they fear being bombarded by heaps of unwanted Emails and worse, phone calls. Hence, in cases where you couldn’t track down the name of the particular hiring manager, it is recommended that you follow these general salutations.
-Dear Hiring Manager
-Dear Hiring Manager for ‘XYZ’ Position
-To whom it may concern
-Dear Human Resources Manager
-Dear Sir or Madam
-Dear Personnel Manager

It is also prudent for you to steer clear from using distasteful salutations like:
-Dear Gentlemen
-Dear Sirs
When you are done with the body and conclusion of the letter, there are multiple ways to use ending salutations for a cover letters. They vary as follows:
-“Yours faithfully,” (Preferably selected for instances where the name of the person you are writing to is still unknown).
-“Yours sincerely,” (Preferably selected for instances where the name of the person you are writing to is known).
-Best wishes/ Best regards (Preferably selected for instances wherein the person     you are writing to is a business friend or a relatively close contact)

Once you’ve completed the closing line, add a comma and sign your name in the next line. You need to hand write your signature that is followed by your typed name under the signature. List your address soon after your typed name.

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