Deciding on a career can be a daunting task if you don't set your priorities right. With this article, explore tips on how to select a perfect career option for yourself.

Deciding On A Career

All set to take the first step in the professional front? Make sure that it isn't any baby step but a well-thought out stride that takes you miles and miles ahead, both in terms of success and satisfaction. For the same, it is very crucial that the career you choose for yourself is one that matches your interest and fulfills your desire. Not just because your elder brother or father is a computer engineer you too need to have the same bent of mind. In fact, the interest can be as similar as choosing the same or somewhat-alike profession or as varied as choosing something absolutely tangent from what is generally practiced in your family. Remember, every individual is different and has a unique set of interests and desires in life that may or may not match with anyone else. As such, it becomes an individual's duty to take the responsibility of them and fulfill them to attain professional and personal success. Deciding on a career can be as simple as digging into a slice of chocolate cake or as difficult as going on a rough-terrain trekking with your stilettos on! For those who at this crucial stage and with an important decision impending on their shoulders, this article will be helpful. It helps you narrow down on your search and take the right decision. With you being spoilt with choices, we help you get the better of confusion and pick the best option!
Self Exploration
Imagine preparing saucy Italian pasta without knowing the ingredients required? Impossible, is what you say. Okay, another instance—Imagine embarking on a journey without being aware of the destination! Vague, you quote. If the unidentified ingredients and indefinite destination makes the above two tasks impossible, then how can making a right career choice without paying heed to self be achievable? Now that you got us, know that no career choice can be right if you aren't well-versed with your own self. You have to know your highs and lows, positives and negatives even before laying the options in front of you. Assess yourself and know your skills, interests, abilities, values and personality characteristics as these would help zero down your search. Once you are aware of your own self better, you will find some career options lucrative, while others not-so-appealing.
Unleash Your Wants
Now that you have explored yourself, it is time to take a step higher in the ladder and unleash your wants. Most of us are ruled by the conscious self keeping the sub-conscious out of the frame. But while making a career choice, give equal importance to your conscious and sub-conscious self, as this would help you come out with a comprehensive list of 'wants' from life. While for some, money maybe everything, there are others who give more importance to intellectual success, yet others who feel that a relaxed or flexible work culture is where they fit in best. While some hate to travel, there are others who are downright opposite and seek prospects of exploring places. Considering factors that are important to you and those that would help you realize the bigger goals in life will further help you narrow your search. Also, when your wants are aligned with your career choice, you are sure to get successful.
Shortlist The Options
Viola! Now, you know yourself better and you know your wants as well. So, what should be the next step? Of course, short listing options! Based on your interests, skills, personality characteristics, abilities and not-to-forget wants and desires, shortlist the options. Choose professions that match your interest and strengths. Next, find out details about the professions—job description, academic qualifications, skills essential, prospective income, and growth opportunity. Also, check out the growth rate of a profession. A field with a large growth rate would make a rewarding choice as employers would always be on the lookout for qualified individuals with zeal to excel. Furthermore, a growing sector will always have budding opportunities in store.
First-Hand Experience
Having theoretical knowledge is never enough. You need to have industrial exposure and great amount of practical knowledge to augment the existing knowledge and make a firm choice. For the same, you can talk to people who are in the industry as they would help make the picture clear. Friends and acquaintances will help broaden your knowledge and give you information that you might have never otherwise known. Another way to get a first-hand experience is by visiting the workplace and witnessing the nuances and technicalities of work. This would give an insight to the kind of work and opportunity you might expect in the future.
Power Of Internet
Last of all; don’t undermine the power of internet! Internet isn't even a century old but it seems like it has been there since times immemorial. What started as an initiative to connect mainframe computers to terminals have today expanded such that it has made the world a global village! What's more, internet is indisputably addictive. You plan to sit on the computer for an hour and then forget time. Every minute piece of information is available at the click of a mouse. Most of the youngsters today are hooked on to this electronic device. If you too are in the league, instead of whiling your time away in social networking sites and online games portal, get into productive surfing and search for information that would help you make a career choice. There are various career advice websites that provide comprehensive information about the opportunity and growth that different professions offer. Some of them include: QuintCareers, JobHuntersBible, Rileyguide, The Wall St. Journal Careers Section, and Answerify Careers Section.
Adhere to all these and deciding on a career that would help you attain your professional and personal goals would be a cakewalk. Go ahead for when a right choice is made, the sky would be your limit!

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