If you don't already know then read about the dos and don'ts of job interviewing in the following write-up! These job interviewing tips are a perfect guide to help you put on your best face and character at the interview.

Dos And Don'ts Of Job Interviewing

Do you feel nervous before an interview? Anxiety is an absolutely normal feeling to feel the previous night. Do you feel that you might blow up the interview because of lack of things to say or just because of nervousness? If yes then we have a cure! Some of these interview dos and don’ts have been highly researched and happen to have high success rates. Job interviews are one of those things which you cannot really prepare for by reading a textbook; instead it is better to just brush up your communication and presentation skills. These skills are very important if you are aiming to get employed. Come to think of it, job call discussions (or interviews as they are popularly known) are more about portraying yourself in the right spirit rather than having every (im)-possible superhuman quality! The best tip regarding an interview is to choose your words wisely. You might have heard that actions speak louder than words but in a meeting as short as an interview words tend to speak louder. Try and hone up what you’re going to say and how are you going to respond to the interviewer in various situations. And most importantly, dress well and maintain etiquette – leave the rest to the tips below!
Job Interviewing Tips
  • A proper research on the company will do you some good. Make sure you have every single detail before attending the interview such as the company profile, the financial status, what jobs are being allotted to others, the job titles being offered etc. Be prepared to answer questions about their history and business as such.
  • Always arrive early. Punctuality is the key. This is first way to impress the boss! Besides, when you arrive early, you start talking to other candidates and that tends to ease your nervousness.
  • Body language is crucial in determining your personality. Look your confident best! A good posture and an enthusiastic attitude will instill the interviewer’s faith in you. But no matter how confident you feel, always ask for permission before sitting down.
  • Ask and listen! These are two of the best ways to really get beyond the fears of an interview. If you listen well, there is a greater chance that you might respond better: mentally and physically. To cool your nerves, ask relevant questions about the company and the position you are applying for – this also makes you seem genuinely interested.
  • Smile and be adequately dressed. They say, “Never consider yourself fully dressed until you wear a smile – so smile. You don’t have to laugh at every instance but making polite eye contact (don’t glare uncomfortably!) and acknowledging the recruiter’s sense of humour (if any!) is a good idea.
  • A poor handshake (limp hand, arm pumping, tips of the fingers touching) can be the biggest interview blunder. Without having to say anything, the interviewer already knows that you are weak. Before giving your hand out to shake, remember that you only have a single chance with this attempt, so make it your best!
  • Too many words spoil the broth! Never try and explain every single word you meant! When at home, practice responding to the point. This way it does not irritate or bore the person sitting in front of you. You are obviously anxious, so try and restrain yourself lest you go into verbal diarrhea!
  • Dwelling on the fact that your previous employers or managers were a certain way and saying negative things about them is just not done! If you want the job, be professional and stay positive. Don’t make the employer think that the same trash talking might happen about him when you quit this place.
  • After the interview is done, and supposing you haven’t made the cut, never beg for the job. This is the lowest level that you can go to and it is marked as the biggest interview disaster! A mere thank you and handshake should give you a more admirable image in front of the biggies of your industry.
These are the most important dos and don’ts. They are several others, but too many instructions might just make you forget everything you already knew so let’s just stick to the basics - these are ennough to help you win over the world!

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