Interview attire for women should be classy, elegant and simple. Mentioned below are some tips and advice to keep in mind when you are geared up to look like a business woman!

Interview Attire For Women

The job is tailor made to suit you, the perfect vacancy has been hunted down from the career pages, the application mail has reached the concerned person, after the long wait of checking your inbox thrice a day and sitting by the phone filled with hopes, you finally get the interview call. Congratulations! Although we are sure that you have the right kind of qualifications and expertise for the position you’ve applied for, there’s something you’ll still need help with – dressing for the interview. Dressing for success is a much-used clichéd term which suits this occasion surprisingly well. A fashion faux-pas is when a candidate lands up at her prospective employee’s office in a fluorescent pink micro mini skirt with a bright neon yellow top with a plunging neckline, which does not leave much to anyone’s imagination! Needless to say, the job in all probability will be offered to someone with a little more sober dressing sense. A conservative and professional look goes well for almost any job interview. Concentrating on the details like jewellery, make-up, shoes and hand bag is a must to get the corporate look. It is not about the price tags or the brands that you are wearing, it is more about the polished look and the comfort level. Read the following write up for details!
Proper Job Interview Attire For Women
There are three general choices that you have to choose from: formal, general and casual business attire.
Formal Business Attire
  • A business suit with a black skirt and a white blouse accompanied by a formal jacket can help you achieve a formal look. Wear black since you can never go wrong with this colour. If you don’t have a black suit in your wardrobe then a navy blue or dark pin striped or brown would do just fine. The rule is to wear a dark coloured suit and a light coloured open collared blouse.
  • It is important for you to be comfortable in what you wear to the interview. Too tight, too short, too low or too bright will not help you get the coveted position that you are already building castles in the air for!
  • A list of no-no’s would include keeping too many buttons open on a button-down shirt, keeping the length of the skirt more than 2 inches above your knees, showing cleavage and/or wearing pointed stilettos that make you wobbly (not all of us have Carrie Bradshaw’s practise with heels).
General Business Attire
  • General business attire gives you the liberty to mix and match individual items and create a formal look at the end of it all.
  • A trouser with a tucked-in blouse or shirt and a sweater – which is all on the simple, elegant and tailored side – is a good combination.
  • A business dress falls under the category of a general business attire. Wear a tailored jacket over it to add layers to your look and distract attention from your chest!
  • General business attire also allows you to leave your hair open but keeping the hair neat and away from your face during an interview is a must.
  • Simple jewellery – one that does not distract by being on the flashy side or makes unwanted noise – is a good accompaniment.
  • Closed toed shoes or heels, flats or a pump go well with this look.
Casual Business Attire
  • Depending upon the workplace, casual business attire can mean anything from jeans and formal shirt to the general business attire minus the jacket.
  • Khakis and collared tee shirts and knit tops will not be frowned upon if the company where you are for the interview has casual business attire as its norm.
  • Closed toed shoes are not necessary here and anything that goes with the attire will be acknowledged. Avoid sneakers or sports shoes and it is always best to be a touch with your feminine sensibilities while carrying such an outfit.
An easy and simple synopsis for all the above mentioned points would be to dress your part. Analyse and ascertain the role that you are interviewing for and dress accordingly. All the best with your interview from our team!

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