Pierced eyebrows, spiked and streaked hair, baggy jeans and sweatshirt etc do not exactly form the interview attire. To know what to wear to a job interview, read on!

What To Wear To Job Interview

Did you know that the man with his pants super low and the woman in the bright red short skirt share a common story? They both went for an interview and did not get the job. It is as simple as that. Dressing appropriately for any occasion not only shows that you respect the person you are meeting but it also shows a great deal about your self-esteem and self-respect as well. A job interview is not an exception to this rule. Before you say ‘Good Morning’ and even before you enter the interview cabin, the interviewer forms an impression of you based on what you’re wearing to the interview. The attire plays an important role and must complement your educational qualifications and professional skills since you obviously don’t want to be remembered as ‘the lady in leopard print dress’ or ‘the badly groomed man with a beard and a moustache’! Glance through this article since we have more than just-dress-formally and look-neat-and-tidy tips for interview attire. Read the next section and know about some lesser known facts that can help you dress appropriately for a professional interview!
Job Interview Attire
For Men
  • Wear Solids: Try avoiding stripes — even the pin stripes — and stick to basic solid colours for shirts and suits. A navy blue or a dark grey suit will be the quintessential favourite for a professional look on a guy. A white shirt can never go wrong but it is always best to co-ordinate the shirt with the suit that you have picked out for the interview. For hotter times, opt for long sleeved shirts and stick with basic pastel shades and dark (serious) colours. Say no to denims, T-shirts and loud shirts – even checked shirts must be avoided.
  • Conservative Tie: Avoid bow ties and stick to a formal silk tie. Don’t wear too colourful or bold ties. The important thing to remember is that the attention should be on you and your resume and not on your clothes.
  • Go Easy With The Aftershave/Cologne: Wear minimal or no perfume at all, don’t stink but don’t smell too strong either – it’s disturbing and presents you in a very uncouth light.
  • Professional Footwear: Dark shoes with socks is the way to go. Wear them polished and make sure they are clean. Also, remember the golden rule for socks – the colour of your socks must always be somewhere between the colour of your trousers and shoes. And make sure that your shoes and belt are of the same colour – both either brown or black.
  • Formal Briefcase: The briefcase you carry finishes your entire formal look. If not a leather briefcase then carry a formal briefcase which does not look tattered and battered.
  • Clean And Shaven Look: Last, but not the least, look well groomed. This includes a visit to the barber’s the day before your interview!
For Women
  • Suit Skirt: Wear a skirt as a particular survey shows that women who wear a suit skirt to an interview as compared to a pant suit have more chances of getting hired. This may seem a bit unfair but the fact is that a skirt suit displays your feminine side and immediately gets you in the good books whereas a pant-suit makes you look like a competition to the men. Depressing, but true! So, follow the trend and wear your skirt at a comfortable length — too much skin show is never good — and stick to dark formal colours.
  • Professional Hairstyle: Wear a high pony or make a bun but keep the hair neat and tidy and out of your face. Don’t let stray hair bother you or divert the interviewer’s attention.
  • Formal Heels: Wear formal heels preferably with your feet covered. Stick to dark colours and wear either matching or skin coloured stockings to finish off the look perfectly.
  • Neat And Elegant Look: Keep your accessories simple and elegant. A simple pendant and a chain for the neck with a simple bracelet and basic pearl earrings should be wonderful. Avoid danglers and chunky pieces and carry a classy — not funky — leather bag to the interview.
The above pointers give you a basic idea of what to wear to an interview. Shopping for an interview is a good idea if you have time but make sure to wear the new garments at least one hour on the day before so you are not uncomfortable on the D-day!

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