Teaching interview questions will explore your instructional and planning skills in the classroom. Go through the article given below to know some teaching interview questions.

Teaching Interview Questions

Henry Brook Adams couldn’t have been more right when he said, "A teacher affects eternity he can never tell, where his influence stops.” It’s true, the role of a teacher in our lives is no small thing and it would be no exaggeration to say that very few people affect our lives the way our teachers do. Teaching is more than just another rewarding profession and involves enormous responsibility and tremendous patience. If you are interested in a career in teaching, this article will give you a good idea on how to ace an interview. Teacher’s interview is a different ballgame altogether that involves an intricate review of one’s skills, abilities, perceptions, and patience. If you have nurtured the dreams of crafting a career niche within the confines of a classroom, then sampling the following teaching interview will save you from creating any goof-ups on your big interview day. Read on to sample the teaching interview questions and give your efforts a best shot.

Sample Teaching Interview Questions
  • What are your thoughts on team-teaching?
  • Why do you want to teach?
  • What were the qualities of a teacher you admired?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • How would you want the physical appearance of a classroom to be?
  • Why do you want to work for our school district?
  • How do you handle classroom discipline?
  • How would you describe a successful principal?
  • What strategies do you use to encourage group work amongst your students?
  • Tell me how you develop your daily lesson plan and what do you include?
  • How do you plan when starting a new study unit or topic with your class?
  • How have you used, or how will you use, technology in the classroom?
  • Have you had experience boosting a student's self-esteem? If so, how?
  • Would you be interested in participating in after school activities?
  • If a student said she thought you were the worst teacher she ever had, how would you react and what would you say?
  • Some people say you should demand respect. Do you agree or disagree?
  • If a student came to you and said, "None of the other students like me," what would you tell him/her?
  • Are you an objective person? Give an example.
  • How do you feel if a student does not meet a deadline?
  • Imagine it is the first day of class, you are writing something on the board and a paper wad hits you in the back, what would you do? Later the same day, if all the students drop their pencils, what do you do?
  • What was the most frustrating thing that happened to you as a student teacher?
  • Do you believe you should build rapport with students? If yes, how?
  • How do you give your students recognition?  Do you think a student can have too much recognition?
  • How do you encourage students to learn?  Can a student be forced to learn?
  • What subjects have you taught?
  • Are you patient? Give an example.
  • Do you ever feel angry toward your students?
  • What is your educational philosophy?
  • If you could create the ideal school, what would it be like?
  • What do you like most/dislike most about teaching?
  • Do you like to be challenged? (Give an example to back up your answer.)
  • How do you feel about noise in the classroom? How do you handle noise in the classroom?
  • How would you handle making a difficult phone call to a parent?
  • How would you make your subject more interesting to a class full of uninterested low ability students?

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