Is it your first video interview? Here are a few video interview tips to help you face this new kind of interviewing practice.

Video Interview

“Lights, Camera, Action!” This most definitely is the line used while shooting a movie, but it can also be the words you mutter in your head as you take your place in front of the camera, waiting for an employer to shoot questions. Confused? Well, if you have ever faced a video interview this would all sound extremely familiar to you. The world is shrinking! Gone are the days when you limited your job search to only your city. With the advent of technology, crossing physical barriers is no longer expensive or time consuming. Video interviews are the latest in this revolution. The employers too find these means rather fool proof. A camera never lies; the prior preparation involved is almost the same and just like in real life, it calls for spontaneity. To sum it all up, it is no different from a regular interview and requires you to be as self aware and confident as a conventional interview. If you have a video interview scheduled then here are some rudimentary steps that will help you out.
Video Interview Tips 
  • Before the interview actually takes place, make sure you have sent the interviewer all the other material/documents he requires.
  • To begin with, it is important that you get comfortable with the camera, so you could ask one of your friends to be an interviewer and practice a couple of rounds of mock interviews.
  • If the video interview is taking place at your workplace; most media jobs ask for interviews like that, then get to the stipulated place much before the time assigned. Get familiar with the equipment. If you know how to use the equipment, let the employer know that you do.
  • Dress professionally, it is important to remember that it is no different from a regular interview and the employer is going to judge you based on what you have worn. Avoid stupidities like wearing a formal shirt and tie with shorts because you think the interviewer can only see one-half of you. An unsuspecting move like standing up to adjust the camera and you are caught on tape in shorts!
  • Make sure that the table you are using to place the system is tidy, as you wouldn’t want to distract the interviewer.
  • Have a sound check before beginning the interview; make sure that you and the interviewer both can hear each other. Also be aware of the fact that the microphone picks up all noise, do not tap your pen or unnecessarily shuffle your papers, chances are that the interviewer will be able to hear it.
  • Make eye contact i.e. look into the camera while talking; do not stare at anything else, that will look odd.
  • Use the picture-in-picture feature on your computer to be able to see how you look. If your internet connection is very slow do not make fast jerky movements as they are going to blur your image.
  • In a video interview it is important to remember that it is the same as a regular interview and the interviewer’s objective is the same, therefore the questions are going to be same. Prepare as you would prepare for a regular interview.
  • If you are not sure about how the interview is going, you can always ask the interviewer how it is going.
  • Video interviews are some times a tad bit informal; during those scenarios, you are free to ask questions to the interviewer too.

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