Getting a job today is difficult but those fortunate enough to get a second interview need to make a positive impression. Read on to know some second interview tips.

Second Interview Tips

Are you happy to be on cloud nine because you passed your first interview and you were just informed about a schedule for the second interview? So wondering what happens next? Stop biting your nails. Be confident and be aware of the fact that the company is seriously interested in you and that is the main reason why you have been called for the second interview. Remember that you are asked for a second interview because you are considered a viable candidate for the position and you are qualified to do the job. So if you play your cards right, then there are serious chances of you getting that job. Thus your answers to the second interview questions play a very critical role in the entire interviewing and hiring process. Mostly, this interview is with the head of the department in which hopefully you will be working soon. With the help of this article you will definitely woo the company members and ace the second interview. Continue reading for second interview tips.
How To Prepare For Second Interview
  • Firstly, contact the respective person to get you interview scheduled. During this interview, there could be group and individual interviews, a guided tour of the company, meeting with departmental staff, heads, etc. Thus, you can plan your preparations accordingly.
  • Analyze your first interview and brush up on the parts where you feel you did well with the interviewers. Remember, these are the very things that gave you the chance for a second interview. Obviously, the interviewers want to know more about you and repeating yourself without alterations will not do any good. Thus, emphasize on your strengths and skills in an improved manner.
  • Assuming that for the previous interview, you have done enough research about that company, now is the perfect time to dig in real deep to gather as much information as you can. Try to get some detailed information of the company through a known source who wouldn’t be taking your interview. Do not worry if you don’t have any inside connections; the internet has solutions for almost everything! Look up on their blogs or forums and check the news for all the current events happening in the company.
  • If there is more than one interviewer, then, while answering, make sure you look at each one of them and not just the person who asked you the question.
  • You might feel that the second interview is an exhausting process where you are put under constant pressure and have to go through several question answer sessions, tests and extensive negotiations. Thus remember that you will have to keep your confidence and stress levels under control to score good marks during the interview.
  • Be prepared to answer all sorts of questions. Stress and behavioral interview sessions could be a part of the second interview.
  • Salary negotiations are normal to be expected in the second interview. Don’t be nervous or shy. Negotiate smartly and try to convince the interviewers of your worth and abilities. However, avoid sounding stubborn.
  • Also, during the second interview, you are expected to express your queries and doubts. Also, clarify all your job related questions to know your exact role in the organization.
  • If you have a guided tour of the company after the interview, then make sure you greet the manager or the head of the department.
  • If the company is impressed with you and offers you a job, then it is not necessary that you accept it immediately. You can always request for some time before giving them your final decision.
  • To end the interview, ask for the procedure that will have to be followed later and how and when they would notify you about the result.
  • Once the interview is over, send a thank you note to all the interviewers and also mention your appreciation for their precious time.

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