Stress comes free with various jobs that are lucrative and coveted by many. But can every candidate handle stress? This is how the employer determines who the ideal candidate is!

Stress Interviews

Stress is an involuntary reaction to an overwhelming challenge and it strikes us all. However, just like how some of us are stronger and some are weaker, some of us are less susceptible to stress while others are much more. For precisely this reason, employers of certain industries rely on stress interviews to test a candidate’s level of stress endurance. Stress interviews can be mortifying and are designed to drive candidates up the wall. Nonetheless, a candidate who survives the agonizing interview deserves the position he or she has applied for. Succumbing to the horrors of these interviews clearly indicates that the candidate cannot handle the pressure demanded by the coveted position. Disappointed candidates may label the interviewers as rude and heartless but in the long run, they will realize that they have dodged a career of unrelenting stress! Delve deeper into this article to gain more insight about stress interviews.
How To Survive A Stress Interview
  • Drink lots of water. Anxiety causes extreme throat dryness and you wouldn’t want your introductory lines to be preceded by a croak.
  • Envision the setting to be as intimidating as possible. Let the “Jaws” theme start ringing in your head as you push open the doors to torture. Yes, be prepared for the worst! This is your battle and you must defeat the evil beasts with all your might. Imagine the triumph, imagine the glory! Now go win the battle!
  • Be calm (albeit invigorated) and take a deep breath before you enter the room.
  • Violence and use of abusive language is strictly prohibited. Once you violate this elementary rule, you shall be immediately disqualified, if not subject to severe penalties!
  • Walk your way to the hot seat at an average speed. Don’t walk too quickly, you might lose your grip and trip. Don’t walk too slowly; your interviewers might assume your brain to race at that same pace.
  • Soon enough, the interviews bombard you with daunting questions, some in very hostile tones. Akin to dragon fireballs, each question will be launched in your direction. Fight them away with your piercing wit and salvage yourself from its brutal implications.   
  • The dragons and beasts are resilient. Prove to them that you are too. You countered their attack once, do it again! The interviewers will begin to criticize you in numerous ways. Traces of dissuasion and self-pity can easily be detected. Suppress your emotions and defend your being like a true warrior!
  • Win your battle with esteemed skilfulness and not aggressiveness! An interviewer wants to test not only your resilience, but your tact and diplomacy which will be crucial once you are confronted with demanding clients. Focus on defeating your opponent by all socially accepted norms. Be professional and not a ruffian.
  • You soon grow tired. But your desire to succeed will not extinguish the lamp of fortitude. Strive till your very last ounce of sweat. Victory is always worth it!
  • Once the winner and loser have been declared, you will notice your rival (the interviewer) reverts to his natural demeanour. The interviewer will reveal his or her true colours moments after the interrogation.
  • Bear in mind that by mirroring your opponent’s tactic or strategy, you are simultaneously rendering yourself weaker. Be original. Do not stoop to the interviewer’s level, which is of course deliberated.
  • Train yourself well in advance to respond to four or five complex questions at a time. Only a wishful loser would enter a football tournament without having touched a football before.
  • Maintain a sense of humour throughout the session. Combat the interviewer’s sarcastic statements with clever yet humorous retorts.
  • Stick to your agenda and showcase all your accomplishments without panicking. Flaunt your strengths! Ignore the stress and nervousness that might creep up your sleeve.

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