Group interview is very stressful because it involves getting together with other job candidates and being interviewed by one or more interviewers. Read on to know some group interview tips.

Group Interview

These days, group interviews are becoming very popular as companies are focusing more on teamwork/cooperation and communication. They are conducted to see how you react in a group. An observer will be watching your every move, analyzing whether you take a role of leadership or less communicative group members. If you start leading a group then the observer will want to see how efficient you are at allocating tasks and how much work you assign yourself. A company conducts the group interviews so that they can know whether you possess leadership qualities, how you handle stress, how well you can communicate with other team members, how you will cooperate with the public and customers, what is your basic level of knowledge and how well you can use your knowledge in discussion or convincing people. The key is to stand out from the crowd but when everyone else has the same goal then that becomes a difficult task. Continue reading to know some group interview tips.        
Group Interview Tips 
  • You should be aware of the time, location and approximate length on the interview before hand. Also make sure you remember the names and titles of the people on the panel.
  • At the interview you want these people to like you. So be courteous to everyone around you. Break the ice by introducing yourself to the fellow candidates and make the first impression likable.
  • Shake hands with each panel member. This will show that you are confident and you are going to win them over with your charm.
  • Carefully listen to every instruction and for effective results, execute them properly.
  • When you answer any questions, do not look down or stare in the space. Look at the person who asked it and then move your eyes on other panel members. Also, do not give long answers, keep it short and simple and reply to it as accurately as possible.
  • The panel expects energetic participation from you. So if you remain passive and a quite observer then you will miss an opportunity to express your skills.
  • Active participation does not mean you have to control every discussion. It is very important to listen and understand others ideas and perspectives too.
  • Do not force your opinion on others. If you think you are right then convince your fellow candidates with all the knowledge you have that makes you think you are right. Keep an open mind learn to compromise and accept others ideas.
  • Handle disagreements with care. Different people will have different opinion. Don’t let aggressiveness and arrogance take over you. Handle the disagreement smartly.
  • Praise other candidates when possible and acknowledge valuable contributions from them.
  • Body language is something that will be carefully observed so be aware of it. Make sure you are sending the right non-verbal message.
  • Everyone welcomes constructive criticisms. Structure your feedback in such a way that it prompts new thought process without offending others.
  • Avoid power conflicts, ego clashes and unnecessary stressful situations. You are expected to work as a team. Thus, think of how you can lead the team to a positive outcome.
  • Make a list of questions. This shows that you are interested in participating and have a different point of view.
  • Do background research on the company to help you plan your questions and interview answers.
  • Remember to work as a team but do not get lost in the group. Stand out and elevate your individualism.
  • At the end of the interview, make sure you shake hands with everyone, all the panel members and candidates. Also, thank the panel members and tell them that you enjoyed the interview and are looking forward to an opportunity to work with them.

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