Breeze through that interview without a worried brow, here are some common interview mistakes that will do you good when avoided!

Interview Mistakes

A job interview can be a highly unnerving affair; it is an act of convincing a potential employer that you are probably the next best thing that could happen to his organization. Most people are mortified of this one on one charade, where even a small wrong move can cost you your dream job. An interview is that short period where the employer scrutinizes your every move, and every word you utter is weighed upon by what he is looking for. A single mismatch and you are shown the door. When in such a highly stressful environment, most of us unknowingly commit blunders. These are tiny mistakes that can be avoided. It does not require a lot of thought, just a little presence of mind. So don’t turn your interview to a dash to the finish line but be calm and glide through it smoothly. Listed below are a couple of common interview mistakes you need to avoid at all costs, once you are past these regular trivialities, cracking an interview will be considerably more easier.
Common Interview Mistakes 
  • Prepare for an interview, read up about the organization and your role in the organization. You must be aware of their previous projects and must be able to define your role with respect to their current requirements. It is also important to remember that you are the one looking for a job and must be able to give the employer reason enough to hire you. Make sure you get all your facts right as far as the company is concerned.
  • Don’t ever show up late for an interview, if there is a possibility that you can’t make it, inform prior to the interview and reschedule.
  • Confidence is good, but if it borders on to arrogance and rudeness no one will appreciate it. Be courteous to all the people you come in contact with, from the receptionist to the driver, be kind to all, irrespective of whether they are to you or not.
  • A firm handshake displays confidence, use a firm handshake when you meet the employer.
  • Don’t talk too much, listen to the interviewer. Don’t cut him off even before he/she finishes his/her question. Allow silences to exist; time for the interviewer to take notes. Time your answers such that they don’t exceed 2-3 minutes. Never exceed 3 minutes without encouragement from the interviewer. During the silences, don’t show nervous behavior like twitching your fingers or shaking your leg continuously.
  • Silences are good, but that doesn’t mean you don’t answer the interviewer. Do not answer in monosyllables for a question that requires elaboration. Coming across as shy will greatly reduce your chances of nailing the interview. 
  • Speak well of your previous employers. Self-defeatism is a trait that is not appreciated. When you talk ill about yourself and your previous employers, your loyalty comes into question. Even if they don’t deserve it, do not criticize anyone.
  • You deserve to be in the company because you think you are an asset; it is nice to take pride in who you are, but don’t force yourself onto the company. Don’t behave like you are the only one who deserves the job. The CEO might be your childhood mate, but at the end of the day, you are also his employee.
  • Make sufficient eye contact, just because you have read somewhere that eye contact is good does not mean you stare at the employer unblinkingly. On the contrary talking to your shoes all the time also won’t help. Make eye contact when necessary.
  • The most important tip; be yourself. This might sound like a vague suggestion, but if you are not yourself, you can never convince anyone. If the interviewer looks very somber, stick to your business, put across your point and move on. A dash of humor could also lighten up the atmosphere. Irrespective of what you do or say, do it with conviction in your voice.

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