Getting the right job in a coveted company may seem like an uphill task owing to the comprehensive interview process. Read the article to explore questions to expect at a job interview.

Job Interview Questions

Being prepared for a job interview is equivalent to winning half the battle. Although nobody can be completely sure about what to expect in a job interview, it is a big mistake to appear for a job interview hoping that you’ll be able to swing it swiftly. There are certain typical questions which you should prepare, so that you don’t waste time in thinking and are able to deliver the answer with confidence and poise. You can expect two types of questions in a job interview, general question about yourself, education, work experience and specific questions regarding the key job skills, knowledge and abilities. Remember that the employer is looking for originality in thought. So, the best would be to steer clear of scripted and clichéd answers. The interview questions and answers given here will give you an idea of how the interview should be tackled.
Sample Interview Questions
Tell Me About Yourself
In spite of being one of the most common questions asked in a job interview, most candidates don’t bother preparing for it well in advance. Remember, the interviewer is giving you an opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates. You should make use of this opportunity to your full advantage. Prepare a proper statement in advance for this question. This would not only project your confidence level, but reflect your adeptness and dexterity. Avoid rambling irrelevant things. Focus on your education, abilities and work experience which is relevant to the job you have applied for.
What Are Your Greatest Strengths
Though this might sound just a casual question to you, bear in mind that this is one of the most vital questions that can bag you the job. Mention the qualities which you can back up with your recent achievements. If you thoroughly understand the employer’s needs, then choose the achievements that best match up to the requirements. However, do not exaggerate. Remember, confidence is a boon, but over-confidence kills.
What Do You Know About Our Organization
You should do the required pre-interview research and walk in for the interview knowing the organization inside-out. You should know the company’s products, types of customers, subsidiaries, operating locations, rank in the industry, sales and profit trends, type of ownership, number of employees, major competitors and relative performance.
Why Do You Want To Work For Us
Your pre-interview research will help you with this question. Try to be sincere and honest in your answer. Align your career goals and personal interests with the company’s work. This would help the interviewer understand and comprehend how much you intend to contribute to the success of the company.   
Why Should We Hire You
Mention what makes you valuable to their organization. Highlight your career accomplishments and cite the best points from your resume. Think in terms of your ability, your experience and your energy. Prepare for this question in advance, as this can give you an edge over other candidates. You have every right to be egoistical, but make sure you don’t sound arrogant.
Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now
The interviewer generally asks this question to check whether you are just settling for this position or you are willing to make a long term commitment. Mention your long terms goal and how they coincide with this job.
What Do You Feel This Position Should Pay
Salary is a sensitive topic. You can mention a wide range which you think will be appropriate for the said position or you may ask the interviewer about the salary range for a similar job in their organization. Whatever you do, avoid quoting a precise figure. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but also you don’t want to make the interviewer feel that money is the only reason you’ve applied for this job. If you are not prepared to answer the question, then you can postpone it saying that money is important for you, but isn’t your main concern. You can mention that you’re more concerned with growth and opportunity.
Are You Willing To Relocate
If you answer in the negative, then you may close the door on a perfectly good opportunity, but you should fight the urge to say yes right away just to get the job. You should be clear on this topic with your family prior to the interview. You may ask the interviewer where you will have to relocate and how much traveling will be involved, before answering the question.

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