Sales Interviews come hand in hand with a list of intense questions. One shouldn't be intimidated and should prepare in advance. This article reveals some of the most common sales interview questions.

Sales Interview Questions

Every job interview is characterized by a set of generic questions, well tailored to the requirements of the concerned field. An employer probes into the candidate’s profile with the help of standard interview questions.  Especially for the sales platform, the answers to these intricately-framed questions reveal the true competencies essential for success in sales and vice versa. Depending on the company motto, the product or service, and the sales job position, interview questions attempt to ascertain whether the applicant fulfils certain knowledge requirements. Sales interview questions are irrefutably imperative to both the employer and employee. The employer must ensure that the questions are precisely designed to capture all the qualities of a flourishing salesperson, while the employee must maintain confidence as he or she answers every question (with wholesome tact). A Sales Interviewee should anticipate the questions and mentally frame responses that are destined to dazzle the interviewer. If a salesperson fails to land that ‘first good impression’ on the potential customer, the most predictable buyer response would be slamming the door on the salesperson’s face. So if you disappoint your interviewer on the first encounter, your sales abilities and skills will be doubt worthy. Read on to brazen out the commonly asked sales interview questions.
Sample Sales Interview Questions
Identify Yourself
No professional sales employer will skip to the sales-centric questions without asking for your name and personal background. Formally introduce yourself and give a brief outline of where you hail from, where and what you have studied and what drove you to the sales arena.

Why Sales?
The Potential sales employer will expect you to elucidate your passion and affinity to sales in not more than two concise sentences.
What In Your Opinion Are The Most Important Skills To Triumph In Sales?
Lay down two indispensable sales skills to certify that you are well aware of them and that you do indeed possess those skills. For instance, you could say- "I think one’s ability to adjust their sales approach to varying customers and market situations is important as well as not giving up too easily."

What Experience Have You Had In Sales And For How Long?
State out all the relevant and noteworthy sales experiences you have had over your career timeline. Focus on all your sales achievements and how your superiors were positively taken aback. Even minor stints make all the difference.
Sell Me This Product!
Your employer is very likely to put you in a spot and ask you to sell him or her an arbitrary product impromptu. A classic technique for testing one’s selling abilities; you will be expected to creatively sell him or her, a cup of coffee or a pen right then and there. Bombard the employer with a bundle of reasons why the said item is a must buy! If the employer feels compelled to buy it, Viola! You’re as good as hired!
What Brings You To This Company And How Can You Contribute To Its Bottom-Line?
Whatever you say, be sincere and well read with regards to the company you wish to be selling for. State the goals you have set for yourself and why you are confident of making sales progress.
How Would You Rate Yourself As A Salesperson On A Scale From 1 to 10?
Be Honest. Employers are bound to appreciate your determination to improve and rise above the clutter and sell under extreme pressure. However, a low rating would suggest poor self esteem and low motivation. Know where you stand!

Narrate An Incident Wherein You Had To Overcome Strong Resistance From A Customer.
Here’s your cue to boast of your resilience as a salesperson, thereby meeting all your targets and often overshooting them. Showcase your ability to negotiate.
What Are Your Selling Views And Principles?
Demonstrate your personal understanding of the sales structure. Infuse your statements with impressive ideologies and share your selling tactics. Stress on your views of selling and how it impacts the customer, our economy and society as a whole.

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