Do you think you belong to the retail business? If yes, these are some of the questions your employ will ask you.

Retail Interview Questions

To rise to the top, we all need to strive until we finally land on that esteemed pedestal. Flashy certificates and influential contacts are never enough. You need to prove to the superiors that you can outperform and deliver optimal results. An aspiring retail manager might have graduated from the most renowned university, but that doesn’t mean the potential employer will let the graduate off the hook. Hiring managers study their candidates inside and out. If one wishes to enter the retail industry, he or she must possess the strong agility and determination to complete his or her daily set targets. Retail managers require the stamina to get up on their feet every morning. Whether they have to wake up from a long hard night of work or not, they just have to!  Hence, an interviewer drills the candidate with questions to test his or her planning skills required to run the store and leadership skills to manage a team of staff. Skim through this section and confront a few of the popular retail interview questions. 

Sample Retail Interview Questions
  • Tell us a little about yourself and your educational background.
  • What are your favourite hobbies?
  • What triggered you to get into the retail industry?
  • How long have you worked for retail?
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment in the retail industry?
  • What motivates you to work for this store? Why not the one adjacent to ours?
  • What do you know about this company (store)?
  • What in your personal opinion is good customer service?
  • Why do you think our customers do their shopping in our store?
  • Sell me this vase in two minutes. Convince me that it’s a really good buy for its price.
  • A customer complains that the milk tastes terrible and might have been expired. How would you tackle this situation?
  • A customer leaves without paying for the gas consumed, what would you do and why?
  • A co-worker is extremely rude to customers. How would you react in the company’s favour?
  • The credit card machine is not working properly. What do you say to the customers?
  • If a customer wants to pay for $15 worth of merchandise in quarters, would you readily accept it?
  • A customer wants to return a package of food that is open and half gone. How do you choose to satisfy both ends?
  • The customer's purchase totals $28.11. She gives you a twenty dollar bill and a ten dollar bill. How much change do you give him or her?
  • What according to you, matters more - A good durable product or friendly and fast service?
  • You are scheduled to leave at 6 pm, you have exciting plans. But for some unfortunate reason, your replacement worker doesn't show up. What would you do?
  • Each pot of coffee holds 6 cups. We usually sell 10 cups of coffee every fifteen minutes. How many pots of coffee will you need to make?
  • Potato chips are on sale at half price. They sell for $1.19. How much is 50% off?
  • A customer buys $27 worth of gas. He gives you a $50 bill. How much change do you give him?
  • What is 50 times 37?
  • Subtract 25 from 87.
  • Add 62 and multiply that with 14 and subtract 19 from the result. What do you finally get?
  • 99.26- 77.62 =?
  • Suppose a bottle of orange juice costs 88 cents, how much would three cups cost the customer? If you had to add 5% extra for tax, how much would each cup cost?
  • If hired, how long do you plan on working here?

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