Feel like a lost pup in the job market? Here are some entry-level resume tips that will guide you through.

Entry Level Resume

“Life is a virgin, an endless first time, Life is a virgin, welcoming you to give it your best” this song by ‘Grubby Halo’ depicts the simplest of truths about life. Every moment in life is a new experience and somersaults you into a multitude of possibilities. The end of college depicts the end of an era, the end of that crazy time when you went about life in delusional assurance, too comfortable in a protected shell. However, the time seems to have arrived, when you take on the big bad world. The first job in all its newness depicts the transition from a carefree college life to a life of shrewd sensibilities. It is that new phase in life that leaves you with a perpetual anxiety as well as a sense of adventure. To kick start this exciting phase, a job at hand is all you need. Being someone new in any industry is not easy, as you have no prior experience to validate your claims. The resume is the first thing that will help you introduce yourself to the industry. It is that genie in a bottle that will fulfill your wish of gaining employment. Therefore writing it right is important. Here are some entry-level resume tips that are sure to gain you entry in the organization of your dreams.
Resume Tips For Beginners 
  • A good entry-level resume should focus more on resume layout, grammar, and attention to detail. Highlighting your young state of mind and additional skills that come with being young should be included in the resume.
  • Lack of experience is a major concern, both to you and the employer. Combat this major hurdle by highlighting on adaptability and your quick wit in grasping even the most complex concepts.
  • Mention anything that can be considered as an experience; a part time job, any kind of volunteer work or even heading your schools cultural forum.
  • Highlight all your achievements, from a victory in a basketball match to an educational internship abroad.
  • Entry-level job seekers should also consider expressing a willingness to accept difficult or less desirable conditions as one way to break into a field and gain experience. For example, "willing to work weekends and evenings" or "able to travel or relocate" may open up some possibilities that might appeal to an employer. 
Resume Sample
KRUTHIKA RAO                                                                                     
#2543,13th main 2nd stage
Kumarswamy layout,
Bangalore-560 078
Cell Phone – 90004 34256
Objective: To work with an organization that deals with media and socially sensitive initiatives; such that it will provide me with ample opportunities to implement and enhance my abilities and skills, and help me attain substantial growth both as an individual and an employee.
About Me: An engineer by qualification, an actor, an avid conversationalist, and a writer. These are just some of the many dimensions, which make me. I consider adaptability one of my biggest strengths, and change a constant need. A love for people and the desire to make a difference in their lives, complete who I am.
  • Theatre: Wide experience in professional theatre, acting being the area of expertise. Plays I have been a part of are: 
    1. Catspaw by Dreamscope Productions (2008)
    2. Marali ba Kailasam by Wemove (2008)
    3. Johny and Urvashi by Wemove (2007)
    4. Kumararama by Nataru (2006)
    5. Beyond the land of Hatamala by Creative (2006)
    6. Where do we go from here by Tatva (2009)
    7. God by Tatvam (2008)
    8. Comically incorrect by Cult Productions (2009)
    9. Mamamouchi by Pratikriya (2009) 
  • Worked at Franchise Expo-2007. 
1. Conducted a 3 day nature camp for rural kids
 2. Volunteered for an eye camp in Margondhalli 
 Other Achievements: 
  • Won the TIMES OF INDIA, college editorial board in 2007, was featured in the Education Times, for an article about examination fever.
  • Participated in the VTU fest, 2007.
  • Won competitions related to writing 
Educational Qualification
  • B.E. – Electronics & Communication-Percentage-60%
Personal Profile:
Date of Birth: 19 April 1988
Hobbies / Interests: Reading, writing and travelling

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