Are you running out of excuses for days, you are late? Here are some excuses that are bound to save your skin, on a particularly unlucky day.

Excuses For Being Late

However hard you try, that is wake up at five thirty, go to yoga, take a five-minute shower and grab a chocolate for breakfast, you are still late to work at nine! It is like the universe is conspiring against you, and coming early is as hard an affair as jumping off a building and flapping your hands hurriedly, in the hope that you might actually fly. Coming in early to work is like defying one of the laws of nature; how anyone can do it, is an enigma to you. However sadly enough all the others seem to be very adept at it and your regular excuses just generates a disgruntled grunt from your boss, who on more then one occasion has given you that steely gaze. The steely gaze gives you goose-bumps and on more then one occasion as you tip-toe into your cubicle, you feel its looming presence. Weed away those fears of a pink slip, here are some real creative excuses for being late that will definitely get you a sympathetic nod.
Excuses For Being Late For Work 
  • “I have earned it,” no one can argue with good performance. It is important to know that when you are at work, and if you do it efficiently that’s all that matters. So even if you are late, and your productivity does not suffer you can use this excuse.
  • “I was playing golf with a client” this excuse works only if your job profile involves traveling and meeting the client. It works most of the time until and unless your company is into rechecking with the client.
  • “My husband thinks it's funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work”. If you aren’t married don’t use it! Chances are your boss will know!
  • “I know I have said this before! But today I really got stuck in traffic” this might raise an eyebrow or two, but it will work because honesty sometimes is the best policy.
  • “I had a doctor’s appointment which I could not re-schedule” this is a foolproof excuse and might even get you a couple of sympathetic nods.
  • “I had severe cramps because of PMS” this is one of those excuses that is too embarrassing to question. Chances are that hardly anything is going to be asked if you give this as an excuse.
  • “I work from home” this is a nice way of getting a break, but it is important that you actually did get some work done at home. 
  • “I missed my bus” this in all probability is true. However if you have used it too many times, expect a snide comment from your boss.
  • “My car got towed I had to take the bus, which broke down!” you could make it sound like a series of unfortunate events! We all have days like that when nothing seems to work, so chances are that your boss is going to sympathize.
  • “My dog died” don’t use this excuse until and unless it is true. Death is one thing that must not be spoken lightly of.
  • “I had some personal business to look into” it would make sense if you truthfully told your boss what the business was, chances are he/she will sympathize. Don’t lie to your supervisor or any of you superiors; honesty is a virtue that is well appreciated.
  • “It was very foggy, I couldn’t find the building” use only on foggy days and in a geographical location where fog is an issue.
  • “The person sitting next to me on the bus, vomited on me, I had to go change” this is one of those excuses that your boss can’t really question. He couldn’t possibly have a stinky you in the office, so it is bound to work.

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