Ok, so you have an excellent academic record but that isn't all you need on your resume. You need extracurricular activities too! This article gives you a list of extracurricular activities which you could use on your resume.

Extracurricular Activities List

“Having children of different races in the same environment is one thing, but having them interact with each other while playing and participating in extracurricular activities and also building friendships – that’s just phenomenal…” ~ Angela Crawford. Childhood may be what we think of when we think extracurricular activities but the truth is that such activities don’t end with school or college. Any activity that is conducted or performed outside the workspace is called an extracurricular activity. As kids, we have all learned that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”! And this is what even the colleges or universities and companies believe. They understand that extracurricular activities help in building the backbone of creativity, hobbies, talent and amongst all, a sense of discipline. People are different outside their classroom or cabinets and it is essential to understand this side of them to know them better. A study proved that people engaged in any outdoor activity have better performances in their work/course! No wonder universities and companies lay such store for these activities. Here is a list of extracurricular activities that you could use to change your boring routine as well as to add some spunk to your CV and personality on the whole.
List Of Extracurricular Activities On A Resume
Community Service Or Social Service
You need to give back what you’ve taken from society! This is your best option to take a stand and help those in need. Be it an orphanage or an old age or even a widow home – you can make a difference, howsoever tiny it may be. Instead of spending time brooding over how these people survive, you can take a step forward and pay for an elderly’s medicine or sponsor an orphan’s education or even get a job for a widow. You might not gain financially, but emotionally you would feel a lot better.
Brush up your acting skills, be impulsive and join the drama club that you have been dreaming of! Everyone has that little spark of a dramatic and melodramatic emotion in them. Your passion for both verbal and oral expression can be rejuvenated by joining this club. It probably costs you a small sum, but let us tell you, it is a good way to break free from stress.
Horseback Riding
We simply cannot move on without mentioning a wonderful sport for your soul! Contrary to belief that outdoor physical activity makes you tired, it in fact re-energizes you, flushes out the toxins from your body and keeps you looking fresh. Horseback riding is a slightly difficult activity and may be a bit expensive, but it does wonders for your body by toning the muscles and increasing metabolism. Be sure that you have a good trainer and a well-bred horse ready!
Do you think you have an eye for detail and you can see things like no one else does? If yes, then we have a perfect activity for you too! All you need to do is visit a nearby store and invest in a good camera – clicking would obviously follow! Photography is one art where there is always something new to learn. Knowledge in this area (or actually any subject) is inexhaustible. Clicking nature can give you a sense of calm and serenity while clicking random people can give you that sense of achievement that we all need in life.
Girls are always special and always find those things to do that guys don’t (or can’t) normally do – one such thing is cheerleading. It was developed as a university sport to cheer the soccer stars but due to the benefits it has, it has become a hobby sport also. The movements required in cheerleading provide flexibility, improve blood circulation, strengthen bones and muscles and make you fit to face the world! Apart from this, it is a good way to stray away from the chores of daily life and do something new for a change!
  • Public speaking and debates workshops.
  • Trekking and hiking or mountaineering. 
  • Chess club (for the ones who like to take it easy!)
  • Learning a musical instrument such as the harp, guitar, piano etc.
  • Playing regular sports like soccer and cricket etc.
These are a few extracurricular activities that can be performed by both high school children and office goers! Make the best use of this when you have the chance and make sure you mention it on your resume so that people know that this Jack is definitely not a dull boy!

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