After several dog years of working hard, the question on your mind would be 'how do I get a raise'? Well, it is a natural question and given below are certain tips on getting this raise.

How Do I Get A Raise

You’ve slogged for days, months and probably, even years, and are now waiting for a raise! Some advice for you — stop waiting! You see, people generally follow the concept of right time in this case – the right time will come and it will be a signal. Well, bad news guys! You could have very well missed the opportunity waiting for the right time. We’re sure you have your reasons for wanting a fatter pay package — everyone has! As if your child’s education, parents’ health and loans were not reasons enough, you also have your wife’s constant bantering for a diamond ring and that tuxedo you saw at the stores to worry about. There are innumerable financial worries that could bog you down and pay hike is an answer to almost all. Now, there are two ways of going about it — either you wait or you act. Since we have already written off waiting in the above lines, we’ll stick with option two. Yep, you act — you drag yourself off that chair and go tell your boss that you deserve a raise! And if you have decided to do that then take a minute and understand — you cannot harass your boss into giving you a hike nor can you be impolite or unrealistic in your expectations. Read on for tips that can help you get what you want — and fast!
Getting A Raise
Wait & Watch
  • Ok, we give you a benefit of doubt. Let’s start with assuming that you’ve chosen the option of waiting and let your fate be decided by your boss. Think in your mind whether you actually deserve the raise. Have you been punctual? Have you been up-to-date with your work by still maintaining its quality? Have you been on cordial terms with your seniors?
  • If all the above answers are positive, then start preparing your boss for this. How? Work over-time (and work — don’t just hang around in the office till late) without cribbing about it, give suggestions on how to improve the working conditions, maintain work ethics with everyone on your floor, try and implement more value in your work and last of all, combine everything mentioned!
  • Behavioural patterns of a hard-worker are immediately noticed by coworkers as well as the bosses! Try not to look too nervous around your boss, never be caught wasting time and laughing too loudly at his jokes. Mingle well with your surrounding people and work diligently and maintain this for a month before you think you need the raise.
  • Getting involved and being responsible comes with a reward! What we’re suggesting is that you become irreplaceable in the eyes of your superiors because of your non-cribbing efficient ways. This will take you a long way!
  • Next, work out a (realistic) salary package that you would be happy with. When called into your boss’s cabin, try a casual and confident approach. Or else, he might think he’s choosing the wrong person for the promotion!
Jet, Set & Go
  • Now, assuming you have decided to walk into your supervisor’s office to tell him how deserving you are, we have some advice for you! Begin with making a list of all your past year’s achievements and how you formed the greater part of it. For example, if you are an architect, demonstrate how you designed a project and carried it out on time despite all odds.
  • Try and figure out how much your peers earn in your company and how much you should be earning. You must keep in mind theirs and your experience in the current field and present workplace. 
  • Here is one of the must-not-do tips! Don’t ask your boss for a raise if the company is under an economic crisis. You know what the answer will be then! Make sure you do some research on your company’s financial stature before approaching the topic of an appraisal.
  • Before you step into your boss’ cabin, have a strong and logical argument and keep in mind that you are working for the ideals of the organization. Bring out your skills nicely without boasting!
  • What if he gives you a lowered than expected raise? What will you do if you get turned down? Are you going to quit or just yell your way into his brains? A good employee would never do any of these. Take criticism as it comes. Set up an appointment with him later to get your point across clearly and this time round, present your case well. Listen to his side of the argument as well and objectively analyse his viewpoint — he might be right. And if you can accept that, then you shall be higher up in his opinion for a long time to come and your next appraisal would definitely go better than this one.
These are some basic tips on how to get a raise. Hope you are richer now!

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