Is gaming your first, if not only love? What are you waiting for? It's time you go ahead and apply for courses in gaming. This article shows you how it's done!

Gaming Courses

Remember how your play station or X-Box sucked in all your study hours and could possibly be one of the main culprits behind your atrocious school grades? Very often, your mother would bellow threats to break the device into a million pieces if you didn’t stop on the count of three. On several occasions, insomnia would coerce you to resume your game at 3am so that you could complete the final mission. However, you’d be pleasantly surprised that quality time spent gaming could be a stepping stone to success! Some gaming addicts swear by counter strike, others by warcraft. The plethora of video game options are multiplying by the dozen. Enter a video game store and you shall instantly witness the stack of fresh and tantalizing PS2 or X-Box Game collections. Peek into a gaming addict’s wallet and you won’t find squat. Check the cashier’s drawers of the closest gaming parlor. As demand and supply for video games flies through the roof, the necessity for game developers and game designers has consequently taken a tremendous leap. Adaptation of movie thrillers and by-products of phenomenal creativity inevitably result in some of the world’s most popular video games. This article opens your eyes to the fantastic opportunities provided by gaming as a career path.  

Career in Gaming       

Eligibility And Skills Required 

Essentially, gaming as a course certainly doesn’t necessitate you to be a bookworm or academic scholar. You wouldn’t need to ace every school test. However, you do need to have completed your 10 +2 years of education from any recognized board. Mathematics as a key subject would be preferred for game programming courses. A candidate may also apply for BSc in ‘Gaming and Animation’. An animation background and proficiency in C++ Programming or Java is always favorable. As far as skills are concerned, the applicant must of course have a strong passion for gaming and a vivid imagination. He or she must possess creative and dynamic abilities that greatly include thinking out of the box. They must be proficient with computers and certain animation software, although the latter is not very essential, as long as the candidate has the power to visualize and brainstorm. Diplomas in Game Production or Game Designing are highly recommended for those who are positive about excelling in this field.

Details Of The Course 

These courses attempt to instill among gaming enthusiasts to not only gauge gaming as revenue generating markets, but to zone out and dwell in a world of make believe. Tedious training in animation and programming is the key to mastering this upcoming field. Here are a few of the topics included in the course syllabus.
  • History Of Video Games
  • Evolution Of Play Stations
  • Game Art & Culture
  • Photoshop, Flash Animation & Maya 3d Lessons
  • Evolution Of X-Box & Nintendo
  • Modern Trends In Gaming
  • Technical Workings Behind Gaming Technology
  • Games As Learning Tool
  • Military Gaming And Simulation
  • Graphical Mathematics & Physics
  • Computer Programming
  • Game Creation Resources
  • 3d Game Programming On Direct X And Open Gl
  • Market Research And Data Collection
  • Business Of Games
  • Internet Gaming
  •  Integrated Development Environments And Programming Tools,
  •  Introduction To Game Engines &Game Artificial Intelligence
  • Essential Facts On Video Game Players
  • Competitive And Professional Cybergaming
  • Sales Demographics And Use Data
  • Adventure, Role-Playing Games And Storytelling
  • Max, Motion Builder, Cleaner And Combustion Software
  • Mobile Phone Games
  • Appreciation Of Genres And Game Play Elements  

Career Prospects
The Gaming industry is in many ways booming! When students adopt ingenious techniques of animation and game designing, they are entitled to attaining high positions in the thriving gaming companies ranging from EA Sports to Ubisoft, options keep multiplying. Courses in gaming enable an aspiring game developer to master internationally accepted quality program delivery methodology and therefore, get recognized as an asset to the industry. Look around you, the number of gamers present in this world will baffle you! That is how lucrative the market is! A wholesome grip of the gaming arena and animation empowers one to kick-start his or her creative and artistic career.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Gaming
  • University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK
  • DeVry Institute of Technology, Illinois, United States
  • Middle East College of Information Technology (MECIT), Oman
  • Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation, Bangalore, India
  • Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Bangalore, India
  • The Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG) ,Noida , India
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States
  • University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, England UK

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