You need to be professional while selecting a gift for female boss. Check out the ideas given in this article and surprise your boss with a wonderful gift on any occasion.

Gift Ideas For Boss

It’s your boss’s birthday! And you want to surprise him/her with an unforgettable gift. It isn’t always easy to find best gift for a wonderful boss who has always appreciated your hard work. Your boss may not be too close to you; s/he may have maintained too professional a relationship with all employees including you. But, s/he is there to support you in tough times and has been a wonderful mentor and helped you develop your skills. Such a person definitely deserves appreciation. Make use of this special occasion to show your regard for him/her by presenting him/her with a thoughtful gift while keeping a safe balance of personal and professional relationship. An ideal gift for a boss should be thoughtful and classy, yet not too personal. If you still find it difficult to decide on a gift, we will help you out with some suggestions. Given below are some thoughtful gifts that you can present to your boss; you can use these ideas for his/her birthday, anniversary or farewell.
Gift Ideas For Female Boss

Ladies love clutches. Elegant clutch wallets are fashion statements on their own. They are ideal as a hand-held accessory and can be kept inside another bag, conveniently. Adorned with stones and embroideries, these wallets are extremely classy and womanly. Colorful and bright clutch wallets suit young bosses whereas leather pieces would be ideal for a middle-aged lady boss.
Do they even need a justification? Handbags are a part of regular attire and no woman can be satisfied with her handbag collection. In other words, gifting a handbag cannot be a wrong decision at all! So now, pick up a classy leather handbag or a designer bag or informal, embroidered jute bags to please you lady boss.
Women admire fragrance! Perfumes have been a permanent piece in ladies’ wardrobe since times immemorial so a bottle of perfume cannot be an undesirable gift. The only thing you need to consider is the fragrance. Be sure about the likes and dislikes of your boss or opt for mild redolence. 
Jewelry can be a good gift if your boss likes accessories. However, it is better to confirm that she wears jewelry because all ladies are not equally fond of them. If she likes it, try to learn about her tastes and fashion outlook so that you can select the right gift for her. Designer jewelries and pearls are good options.
Are you aware of your boss’s hobbies? If reading is one of them then nothing would delight her better than a book. Your boss may be an avid reader. Here again, you need to be aware about the subjects that she loves to read. It won’t be nice if you gift a philosophical book to someone who loves funny books.  Learn about her favorite author and genre and gift a book accordingly. Also, make sure that she does not have that book already.
Ladies love fashion apparel. It is a utility item too. However, you need to be very clear about your boss’s sense of fashion and outlook while selecting apparel for her. There is no point in gifting something traditional like a sari to her if you have never seen her draping one. Also, be sure about her favorite colors.
Working women may have to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life. Your boss could be of the same genre, in which case she needs to take care of her house as well as office in an organized manner. Planners would be of great help for her to keep everything on track. To add class to your gift, select a leather-bound planner. You may make it a hamper by adding other office essentials like a beautiful paperweight, a table clock and fancy pen and some board pins etc.  
Gift Ideas For Male Boss

Laptop Bags/ Backpacks
Laptop bags will be thoughtful gifts for a boss who is obsessed with his laptop and carries it everywhere he goes. You may also gift him a backpack designed for frequent users. Convenient and durable, these bags are now a favorite pick for many. Backpacks are ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the back and neck and hence, are best for use on a daily basis. If your boss is more of a professional one then present him a laptop briefcase, which has a more professional look than a backpack. Briefcases, available in leather or vinyl, can conveniently accommodate a laptop, a power cable, and some other things like essential documents.
Electronic Gadgets & Accessories
Electronic gadgets can never be a wrong pick for your male boss because men are usually very fond of gadgetry. Gadgets are often longed for their style quotient rather than utility. Gifts like an iPod, Kindle Fire, MP3 player, travel gadgets etc. can get him beaming within minutes. Electronic gadgets are obviously pricy and hence, difficult for a single person to afford; not to mention inappropriate. You may consider this as a group gift or you can always give him the perfect, classy pouches, skins and other accessories for the gadgets that he already has.
Silk Ties
Bright and classy silk ties are stylish gifts for a boss who is always admired for his neat-and-trim dressing. Silk ties carry a style statement with sheen which is typical of this luxurious material. These ties are preferred for their usefulness as a classy accessory to business suits.
Wallet is a thoughtful gift. For men, wallet is an essential thing but, it is always kept in their pocket. Thus, it is not exactly a style statement; it is more of a utility. It is a thoughtful gift because men often do not care how worn out their wallet is and a new one often proves to be a worthy gift. Opt for leather to add class to your gift.
This is a wise pick! Men are usually crazy about perfumes and hence, it forms a perfect gift. But, be wise and understand that body sprays are not perfumes. Gifting a body spray instead of a perfume may result in misconception of your intentions. The only thing you need to consider is the fragrance. If you are not sure about your boss’s likes and dislikes, opt for mild redolence. 
Is your boss an avid reader? If yes, gift him a good book of his area of interest. Try to learn about his favorite author and subject. Also, make sure that you are not gifting him a book which he already has in his collection.
Gourmet Basket
This is a wonderful gifting idea for a boss who loves food. You may gift a basket with assortment of nuts like cashew, pistachios, almonds etc. Baked cookies and biscuits are also good choices.
Desk Accessories
This would be a perfect gift for him to adorn his office cabinet. You may opt for an engraved leather-bound journal or a fabulous desk clock. A basket of fancy paperweights, charming art pieces, calendars, planners, pen stands etc. would be a wonderfully planned and thoughtful gift.
Remember These Points
  • Always stick to something simple and inexpensive.
  • Do not try to gift something that is too personal. It may create an impression that you are trying to cross boundaries.
  • Avoid gifting flowers to boss. They have a romantic connotation associated with them and may have undesirable results, your intensions being terribly misunderstood.
  • Never give messages that have racial or politically inclined content. You may have done it in jest but it may not be appreciated by your boss.
  • Never give cash. Your boss probably earns more than you. You may opt for a gift voucher instead. 
You need to keep certain things in mind when you select a gift for your boss. The first thing is that you and your boss share a professional relationship, not personal. So, be professional while picking up gifts. Do not make your boss uncomfortable with too personal or too expensive things.

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