Harassment at the workplace, without the question of doubt, makes for a bane in a working professional's life. Plough through to this article to know how to get the better of workplace harassment.

Harassment In The Workplace

Harassment in the workplace can plague an individual in manners both least and most expected. Harassment can range from a colleague constantly mocking you for the way you look, or the race you belong to, or a supervisor commanding you to perform odd and menial tasks. Harassment at the workplace can also flaunt its ugly head in the form of sexual harassment, one of the most common forms of harassment at the workplace. However, no matter the nature of harassment, harassment is harassment and has to be dealt with firmly. Being passive about a colleague or a supervisor harassing you will only lead to the repetition in the occurrence of the same. Here, you will have to fight your own battles to let your harasser know that you are not an easy target. A harasser will always back away once he/she realizes you have conjured enough guts to stand up for yourself. Make your move and read on to know how to wage a one-sided war against your harasser.
Dealing With Harassment In The Workplace
The first and foremost thing to do when desiring to deal with harassment at the workplace is to identify the kind of harassment you are a subject to. Is it sexual or is it just a superior attempting to exercise his power over you by asking you do the things you weren’t hired to do? It is extremely important to understand the nature of the harassment. This ultimately will help you put up a serious fight against your harasser.
Once you have identified the nature of the harassment, proceed to document the instance of the same. Documenting instances of harassment, the date, time, nature, etc. work in your favor when the matter is reported to the concerned authorities. You can maintain a calendar or a diary and note down instances of the harassment and even the lack of a reason for the same. When noting down details on the harassment, make it a point to not be petty about it. You don’t want to jot down silly acts, like the boss smirking at you because you failed to do a particular task for example. Listing down an instance of harassment that will work in your favor in the future is what you should be looking out to do.
Approach A Loved And Trusted One
An easy way to nurse your wounds is to rush for help to a loved and trusted member of the family of friend. Tell them about your predicaments at work and how you feel about the whole issue. Getting a third person’s perspective will help you look at your situation in a different light. Your friend or member of the family may even suggest ways to help you get the better of your harassing predicament. It is up to you to ensure that you do not suffer in silence.
Never Share Your Woes With A Colleague
Most people when dealing with harassment at work, pour out details on their plight to their colleagues. This can prove to be suicidal, because the chances of a colleague masquerading as hater of your harasser are as high of the skies. Everything you’ve mentioned about your harasser can reach your harasser’s ears and this may have him/her taunting you that much more. Keep your relationships with your colleagues professional. Don’t take it to the next level by amplifying your work-related woes.
If you have been successful in getting together a dossier of the instances of harassment and they are all substantial, escalate your predicament to the concerned authorities. A good company will be swift in taking corrective measures and ending your misery. If your company does not take action, you can always seek out help from various external organizations or maybe even the police. However, in both cases, you will need evidence to prove your claims. Only this will help you get the better of your harasser. If you do not have proof of the harassment or at least a significant amount of details on the same, your harasser will probably get to walk away from your pointing finger.

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