If you have been the victim of a sexual aggressor at work, the time to stand up against the harassment is now. Explore this article to know how to handle sexual harassment at the workplace.

Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Sexual harassment at the ‘workplace’ refers to sexual advances, sexual intimidation, and coercion at the workplace. Sexual harassment can also include tricking a person into dishing out sexual favors for a promise that may or not be fulfilled. The most common forms of sexual harassment at the workplace include the constant passing of lewd comments, sexual advances and luring an individual with rewards or promotions for sexual favors. The occurrence of sexual harassments in recent times has decreased with the increase in the awareness of the same. Unfortunately, however, eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace as a whole has not been possible. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment or still are a victim of the same, simply read on to know how exactly to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace.
Handling Sexual Harassment At Workplace
Rake Up The Issue
One of the best things, but also the most difficult, to do when dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace is to address the issue with the sexual harasser. It may seem like the most difficult thing to pull off, but you will simply have to do, what has to be done. Sometimes, if not all the times, most sexual harassers are not aware of their actions. They are in a state of mind that has them believing that their actions are normal and justified. However, you on the other hand, as the victim, know that it is not and proceeding to help the harasser see the light is the only way to go here. When talking to your sexual nemesis, ensure you do so politely and with a hint of diplomacy. Here, you don’t want to be rash or overtly frank. Just let your harasser know that you are not pleased with his/her actions or comments and would like it to be stopped.  
No Provocations Please
Once you’ve had a one-on-one with your sexual aggressor, simply get out of his/her way. Do not dress provocatively or behave provocatively too. This may only have the harasser falsely believing that you see him or her as a potential partner. With your body language and your speech, make it more than just clear to your harasser that you are absolutely not interested in having anything to do with him/her. Sometimes however, sex-obsessed individuals do not get the cue and will believe that you are only playing ‘hard-to-get’. This issue can be sorted out by exhibiting more obvious visual signs of disinterest.
Avoid Being Alone
The easiest way for a sexual harasser to get his/her way with you is when you’re alone. So, as the victim of the harasser’s sexual persecutions, you will have to ensure that you are not alone in the presence of the sexual harasser. Make it a point to stay in a group and do not stay back too late at work.
Disclose Your Woes To A Superior
If the above-mentioned methods fail to have the desired effect on the harasser and you find that he/she is still persistent, take it to the next level by complaining to a superior. There is no reason why you should suffer in silence. Some companies even have ‘standard operating procedures’ as far as sexual harassment goes. So dealing with a sexual harasser or even getting him/her sacked may not be as difficult as you think. Sometimes however, if your company fails to take any action, you can always seek out help from various external organizations or even the police. Just make it a point to take things in your own hands instead of having your harasser getting away with lewd comments and actions.

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