Does thinking about the tricky questions that can be asked in interview make you nervous? Go through these hardest interview questions and tips to tackle them to fight back your anxiousness.

Hardest Interview Questions

“Intimidating experience” – this is probably the most apt phrase to describe job interviews gone wrong. Interviews go wrong due to confusions pertaining to the way one is expected to answer the tricky questions asked by the panel. Getting anxious just thinking about the questions that can be asked is quite a common phenomenon. The uncertainty of the future, the pressure to give your best and the fear of screwing up the interview can all lead to immense anxiety and a sheer lack of self confidence. It is at times funny to picture a candidate sitting all prepared in the interview room and shivering with fear – with all those files in front, the candidate’s condition only gets worse as minutes tick past. But the fear of failure can be really disturbing and there’s nothing funny about it. The most potent way to fight back this situation is by preparing well for the possible questions that can be asked and best is to start with the tough ones. Mentioned below are some of the most difficult interview questions that can be asked along with the tips to tackle them.
Most Difficult Interview Questions
Tell Me About Yourself!
This looks like a very simple question but this is the very question where most candidates get confused and mess up their interview. Though recruiters refer to this innocent question as an ice breaker, the answer you give to this question is very seriously considered.  Therefore, it is essential on your part to go prepared for this question. The best way to answer this question is by familiarizing the interviewer with your present and then put across why you believe you are perfect for the post. In other words this question provides you a platform to market your skills.
What Do You Know About Our Organization?
This is the question that almost all interviewers throw at the candidate. The confidence with which you answer this question depicts your knowledge of the organisation and this in turn, depicts the seriousness of your intent to join. Make it a point to do your research on the company’s products and services, revenues, image in market, goals, problems, history and the management style. It is not necessary for you to know all aspects in detail. Your answer should just show that you have taken pains to learn about the company.
What Qualities Do You Look For In A Boss?
It can be an unnerving question but before you start narrating the common traits of an ideal boss, think once. Anyone can list the commonly defined personality traits, but if you need to stand out of the crowd, modify your answer a bit. Relate your answer to your work profile and mention some specialised requirements of a boss under that requirement.
As A Professional, Do You Have Any Disappointments?
The recruiter might also surprise you with this particular question about your career. Do not cite any random and irrelevant disappointment. The purpose of this question is to judge your ability to create a positive outcome out of a negative situation. Cite an instance which really helped you learn something valuable.
What Are Your Weaknesses?
This is a must-ask question. Any employer would like to know the candidate’s self impression and this question is the perfect to judge a candidate’s attitude as well as confidence level. Do not be adamant and say that you don’t have any weaknesses. Be humble and give them about 2-3 shortcomings along with the steps you are taking to overcome them, because it is the approach to a problem that matters and not the problem.
Why Are You Leaving (Or Did You Leave) Previous Position?
If this happens to be an interview for shift from your current job, the recruiter is bound to pose this question. Remember not to complain or speak ill about your previous company or boss because criticizing your previous organisation would only make you look like an ungrateful and disrespectful employee. Avoid using words like personality clash or misunderstandings since it gives out a negative connotation. Give a reasonable reason like more growth, better opportunities or newer projects etc.
Your Resume Suggests That You May Be Over-Qualified Or Too Experienced For This Position. What's Your Opinion?
This one takes the cake in the list of tricky questions. Be careful in answering this one and do not, by any chance, get carried away by the remark made by the recruiter. Put across your interest in working for the organisation and your wish to develop a long relationship with the company. Mention that hard work will open new opportunities for you in the company, also mention that a strong company requires strong and qualified employees and that you will be glad to offer your services to an organisation as esteemed as the one you are interviewing for.
Job interviews are like treasure hunts – you don’t know where the next clue might lead you but you cannot quit because the treasure is just too precious to give up. This article provides you with a list of hardest interview questions in order to prepare you a bit for what lies in the interview room.

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