If you are a prospective nanny, be prepared for these nanny interview questions! Explore this article further for some interview questions for nanny.

Nanny Interview Questions

The reason this country drifts to a big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing …!” ~ Lyn Nofziger. This funny quote is just an opinion on nannies! Meeting up with a nanny is possibly one of the most strenuous jobs as you need to be careful that you’re making the right choice because your baby’s life and development depends on it! A thorough screening and enquiry must be done so that a careful choice is made. Generally, when both parents are searching for a potential caretaker, there are high chances of disagreement between the couple. This must be sorted out prudently if a wise decision has to be taken. The chief responsibility of a nanny is to take care of the child when the parents are not around. Some nannies are appointed full time and take care of the child’s every needs such as teaching and training while some are appointed part-time who just ensure that the child eats and stays well while the parents are not around. Irrespective of the nature of employment, most nanny interviews begin with a phone conversation and only after that the selected ones meet the parents for a face-to-face discussion. If you are employing a nanny for the first time, then read up some of these questions that you could ask her.
Interview Questions For Nanny
Name and contact no. of the potential employers….
Skills required – Energy, flexibility, experience and patience.
Information required – salary requirement and references.
Advertisements such as above generate phone calls from a number of nannies and that’s where the telephonic process begins. Given below are some questions for the telephonic round followed by questions for the face-to-face interview.
Phone Conversation Questions:
  • Do you have the requirements for this particular job? This must be the first question and you will be surprised how many applicants do not fit the description that you have advertised.
  • Ask them about being available for the specified hours. Make sure they do not have any other commitments to attend to around the same time.
  • A nanny who can drive is any day a better option as compared the others who can't. She can not only get to your home quicker but also attend to chores like picking up your kids from the school or taking them to the doctor, if required. Confirm that she has a license and that there are no convictions against her.
  • Gut feeling plays a huge part in this case. Note how she speaks and all her mannerisms. Soft spoken, well-mannered, grammatically correct, morally sound and understanding nannies are the most preferred as your child will learn from these qualities. 
  • The next set of questions must be; what was your last childcare experience like and how long do you think you think you will stay, if offered the job? Make sure she’s not leaving in less than 6 months otherwise you might have something to worry about!
  • Don’t forget to mention that you will carry out a background check on her since she is a potential candidate. Before hanging up the phone, ask her to bring three references that you can call to the personal interview.
Face-To-Face Interview
  • What do you think the children will like about you? Featuring this question in the list is only going to make your children benefit from this. This will help you gauge how much does she actually understand and know about children.
  • Give her a situation to deal with. For example, say that you have children aged 1 and 3 years. Ask her to describe what kind of activities she would give them. This question can give you a general idea about her attitude towards children.
  • Do you think you will face any problems? Why did you leave the previous job? Is it because of some problems that the children created for you?
  • Ask her to list all the responsibilities that she thinks her job entails and make sure you’re writing as she talks. 
  • Asking questions such as if she can: cook, perform housekeeping duties, stay late and do over-time, give you an idea of her flexibility.
  • Ease the pressure a little by enquiring about her hobbies, activities, her family background and what she likes most about herself. Just make a mental note of it. This info might help when you fix her wages.
  • At the end of the interview, ask her how much is she expecting as remuneration and tell her that you will revert to her if she is selected.
These are a few of the possible nanny questions that can be kept in mind while choosing the best one for your kids. Make sure you get her background checked thoroughly and perform a trial run before letting her into your family!

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