Love animals? Now make a career out of it. Here is your chance to learn how to become a pet groomer. Read some of the requirements for becoming a pet groomer.

How To Become A Pet Groomer

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi. If you have some extra care and concern then spend it on animals. Sprucing up your pets is not just for the rich anymore! Everyone wants to have a perfectly groomed animal for a pet. This is where a per groomer’s work come into picture. If this idea appeals to you then you must read on. Same as any other career, you can’t just wake up one morning and become a pet groomer! There are certain requirements and qualifications you must attend to before this happens. As long as there are pets, there will be a need to make them look appealing too. You can either work for a pet grooming center or open up your own business. If you want to be around animals all day and haven’t had the aptitude to get into veterinary school, then read up this article for ideas on becoming a pet groomer!
A basic education of 10+2+3(or4) in any field is acceptable – preferably something along the lines of biology because it helps in learning the general anatomy of animals and their body framework. However, if you have already completed your master’s degree in a particular subject then you can directly enroll in a professional grooming school to get the basic skills needed.
Courses Required
Trainee/Assistant – The best way to supplement your education is to get a hands-on experience on the job. Working as a trainee or an assistant, for about 10 weeks, with an expert can help you learn a lot about pet health habits and related techniques.
State Licensed Grooming Schools – They have courses ranging from 2-18 weeks and give you a full license at the end of the course to practice anywhere in the country. Also make sure that you check with your local and national groomers association for any certification courses.
Correspondence Course – You can also register with a university in your city or abroad for a long distance programme to get familiar with the topics on grooming and the various techniques being used worldwide. Some evening colleges even offer short courses on the basics of grooming.
Self-Learn – DVDs, manuals and other material can help you update yourself on the latest techniques in this field. Books can also give you function of the various brushes, combs, de-matting tools, nail clippers, dryers etc. It is essential that you get specific programs for the various pet breeds, as the styling of one is not the same as another!
  • Patience is the key because most pets brought to the grooming clinic do not stand still.
  • Energy is vital as unwilling pets do not like their nails being trimmed or hair being styled.
  • Punctuality is important. If you have more than two appointments in a day, make sure that they don’t clash. Make allowance for the fact that grooming of a dog might take more time than accounted for.
  • Maintain your temperament and be adjusting and adapting as animals can poop and pee anywhere and at anytime!
  • Avoid criticism of other people’s pets as this might not make you seem very reputable – they have been brought to you for grooming and it’s your job to make them look presentable.
Roles And Responsibilities
  • The primary function of any animal groomer is to provide a satisfactory and safe experience when treating and grooming a pet.
  • It is also essential for them to be in close contact with animals to understand their behaviour and breed.
  • Education in this field is essential in learning the varied techniques. Knowledge about animal diseases is another important aspect of the training. For this, you might have to work under a veterinarian for a few weeks.
  • There are a variety of pet groomers ranging from ones specializing in dogs to the horse specialists. Choosing your specialist area is a must to grow, both financially and professionally.
  • Groomers must be well aware of the proper usage of tools. Take for example, a grooming noose. This is needed to hold the animal in place while the grooming is in process. This seems easy to handle but you must make sure you are adept enough at handling it or else you might end up strangling or hurting the animal.
Career Prospects
Almost 70% of pet owners take their pets to animal groomersand the number is only going to increase. There is a demand in the market for pet groomers as people seem to be taking their pets more seriously!  While groomers may start as apprentices – hence low pay scales – once they get into the main field (they can become freelancers or get associated with well known pet clinics) their pay scales rise phenomenally.
Hope the above information was sufficient and answered all your basic queries about a pet groomer’s profession.

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