Looking for a career in the field of construction?Here is a list of construction jobs that can help you make the decision.

List Of Construction Jobs

Have you ever seen a construction site? It is the art of multi-tasking that gets one through! Construction falls under a category of architecture and civil engineering. The person in charge of the job is the project manager followed by a construction manager. Supervisory positions include design engineers, construction engineers and project architects. The biggest challenge of a career in construction is keeping in mind the environmental impact – budgeting, logistics, materials and safety of the venture are also crucial. There are two types of construction activities viz., building and industrial constructions. The first type involves adding structure to a piece of land, renovations and formation of an existing composition. It requires good designs and safe financial and legal considerations. The second type comprises of creating industries such as petroleum, medicine, power generation etc. It requires precision in planning and designing. Construction industry is one of the largest in the world with almost 7.2 million salaried workers as of 2008 in America alone. The scope in this field is immense as it is expected to reach a growth of almost 19% by 2018. Scroll down and learn more about the list of construction jobs that you can take up!
Jobs In Construction Field
The canvas is the starting point of all construction projects! The crucial part of this job is to take the drawing board and convert it into a set of concrete plans. It includes measurements, estimates of materials required, total amount of space necessary for the project etc.
Design Specialist
This is also called the CAD or Computer Aided Design specialist. This individual is needed at times of building monumental structures, such as suspension bridges, that require special calculations and figures. But the real job is made up of developing a specific software program that can identify errors and make changes to the plan.
Construction Foreman
The direct supervisor in charge who stays at the site of work daily is called the foreman of a building project. Schedules, delegations and supervision are the main responsibilities of this profile. Experience in the same field makes a foreman capable of helping the laborers in the field and also in making efficient use of available resources.
Field Engineer
Routine and daily inspections, so that plans can be executed efficiently, are performed by a field engineer. Monitoring site progress and keeping up schedules are also a part of the profile. Being an engineer by profession, they are expected to know the procedures and have a thorough knowledge of the working model of the construction.
The role of an inspector is inspecting structures before remodeling projects and continuing the work. There are certain building codes which need to be followed pertaining to various aspects such as plumbing and electrical wirings. Inspectors need to be able to convert the legalities into layman worker terms and instruct them on how to proceed.
Land Acquisition Specialists
Land acquisition specialists are those who research the area with respect to costs, guidelines, leases and land owners and make the existing land or structure ready to be built upon. Legal activities such as deed signing and title transfers are all done by these set of people.
Safety Supervisors
They play a vital role in the construction business as they know all the operations and procedures within a job. Making sure that safety is attained and intensive training programs are given to all employees is part of this job profile. Preventive measures, treatment and after effects of an incident are also their forte.
Vice President – Construction
A vice president or VP is a very high position in the business and is considered responsible for planning and directing all construction related functions. They take on multiple activities at the same time and hence are required to possess organizational skills. Budgets, schedules and customer satisfactions are all included in the job profile.
Other construction jobs in no particular hierarchy are as:
  • Construction Planner
  • President – Construction
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Engineer
  • Purchasing In-charge
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Safety Director
  • Construction Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Contract Administrator
  • Design Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
A list of construction jobs have been put before you. All you need to do is make the choice and enter this vast industry of construction and building!

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