Jotting down meeting notes can be an arduous task, especially if you're a newbie. Read this article on meeting notes templates and make this task easier for yourself.

Meeting Notes Templates

Companies and meetings go hand in hand. Companies just can’t do without them. They just have to have them: annually, semi annually, sometimes in an emergency, or whenever the officials feel it’s time to have one right away. It’s more than just a formality. A meeting is an official way for stalwarts of the company to come together to either discuss about the future of the company or to address the problems at hand. It allows for communication to channel through from both up and down the ladder. Opinions are heard, experienced judgments are passed upon, and measures are adopted likewise. Somewhere in between these meetings, it becomes almost mandatory to jot down notes or minutes of the meeting, for further references. It definitely helps if there’s a written or recorded account of what was discussed in the previous meetings and whether what was discussed was implemented or not; helped or not. Whether the meeting is formal or informal, taking down proper notes during the meeting is a really good way to avoid head-scratching and time-wasting in future. Read down further to know about some guidelines of taking down meeting notes and then check out samples of meeting notes templates.
Guidelines Of Making Meeting Notes
  • Choose the medium by which you’re going to make the notes: pen & paper, laptop, or tape recorder.
  • It would greatly help if you can obtain any previously noted down minutes of the meeting. This will give you an idea as to how to go about with the proceedings.
  • Pass around an attendance sheet to know about who’re present in the meeting and who’re absent. Mention it in the meeting notes.
  • Write down the date, time at which the meeting started, and the place at which the meeting was held.
  • Don’t write or note down every little detail. Just note down the main ideas that will make some sense, if referred to in future.
  • Note down who made the motions, whether they were adopted or rejected, and the results of the votes, if any.
  • If anyone leaves the meeting in between; note down their names so that he/she can be briefed about the discussions that took place post his/her departure.
  • Note the time at which the meeting was adjourned.
  • Make sure to note down everything in a chronological order.
  • In the end, write submitted by and then sign your name and write down the date.
Meeting Minutes Templates
Sample 1 (Informal)
1st April 2011
Attendance: Ryan, Dylan, Logan, Mila, Laila, Dalyla
Absent: None
Ryan brought name tags for each person.
Dalyla brought plastic protectors.
Dylan researched Java IDE's and is prepared to brief the team on available selection.
Logan established a team alias on waldorf. Email [email protected] will go to all of us.
Each person brought a list of informal scenarios for discussion.
Unfinished Tasks:
Mila didn’t get the feedback forms done.
Problems Encountered/Solved:
Logan solved the team web page access problem - file extension must be .html, not just .htm
Problem: how to password protect portions of our web site?
Working Meeting Discussion
Ryan suggested looking at the Apache web site for help on password protection.
We discussed need for a team bulletin board. Decided threaded messages wasn't that important to us.
Each person presented their informal scenarios.
Laila briefed us on JCreator, JBuilder, BlueJ, and Forte. We decided to use BlueJ for non-GUI classes and use the GUI Builder in Forte.
Sample 2 (Formal)
Stanley & Stan Lee Corporation
Board Meeting – 1st April 2011
Meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM at the management office meeting room. Quorum was established.
Attendees Present:
Stanley Ipkis, President
Stan Lee, Vice President
Launchpad McQuack, Secretary
Gunther D’souza, Treasurer
Marshall Lewitt, Attorney
Aron Stephenson, Association Manager
Bobby J Simpson, Member, Excused
Rupert Numbo, Member, Excused
Approval Of Minutes:
Motion: To approve Minutes from March 1st Board meeting
Vote: Unanimous approval
Resolved: The minutes of the January 9, 2011 meeting are approved as corrected and entered into the Association records.
Treasurer's report given by Gunther D’souza.
Management report given by Aron Stephenson. Written reports presented and maintained in Association’s records.
Collections report given by attorney Marshall Lewitt.
Motion: Hire Pool R Us to resurface pool for $39000.
Vote: Motion Disapproved - One in Favor, two opposed, one abstaining.
Motion: Have Aron Stephenson contact Marshall Lewitt to amend the association to restrict leasing in the community.
Vote: Motion Approved Unanimously
Resolved: That the Association contact Marshall Lewitt to amend the association to restrict leasing in the community.
Motion: Accept Lovely Landscaping Company's written proposal (maintained in the Association's records) to maintain the Association’s common property, subject to the Association attorney's review of the contract.
Vote: Motion approved - three in favor, one opposed. Discussion of recognition that Lovely
Landscaping was the highest bidder, but the consensus is that a good history with Lovely Landscaping justifies renewing the contract.
Resolved: That the Association accept Lovely Landscaping written proposal to maintain the Association’s common property, subject to the Association attorney's review of contract.
Meeting Adjourned at 8.30 PM
These were the sample meeting notes templates. Make sure to follow the format and the guidelines mentioned above and you’ll be good to go.

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