If you are an aspiring nurse then read the article on nursing interview questions and answers to help you crack the job interview! Read on.

Nursing Interview Questions And Answers

“If one of your patients keeps coming back to the hospital with health complaints, when you know that there is nothing wrong and the patient is perfectly alright, what will you do?” Did this question leave you agape and reaching for the glass of water? Well, then we have a list of such questions to test your ability and dedication to a nursing job. But that’s not it! We also offer answers to help you prepare for your interview. To wear a nurse’s uniform one has to be brimful of all traits like assistance, care, concern, compassion etc. And if you have all these then don’t let a few tricky interview questions deter you from getting your dream job. Responsible, adaptable, able to work in long shifts, resilient, hard working and friendly are some of the adjectives that an aspiring nurse’s personality must have in order to impress the interviewer. Apart from the technical questions which test your theoretical knowledge in particular, behavioural and aptitude interview questions give a true test of your mettle and help the interviewer choose you over the next candidate or vice versa. Glance through the following section to get a brief idea about the possible interview questions and answers which you should be prepared for.
Sample Nursing Interview Questions And Answers
How Will You Deal With Difficult Patients And Their Families Or Any Unexpected Situations?
The medical world is full of emergency situations and there will definitely be at least one case which a person related to the medical world would have experienced. Say that you shall start by gently consoling the family or the near and dear ones of the patient and then take their help in consoling the patient. Include any such emergency or difficult that you have successfully dealt in the past to emphasise that you practice what you preach.
How Has The Nursing Profession Changed In The Past Five Years? Do You Think It Has A Good Future?
Healthcare systems have obviously changed quite a lot over the last 5 years. On a global scale, the healthcare industry is struggling to meet the demands of the populations they serve. One of the major problems is of course the current shortage of trained nurses. Offer some reasons as to why there is such a shortage of skilled nurses and demonstrate the fact that you have thought about the current scenario and the problems facing this industry. Answer the latter part of the question in a positive spirit and show your eagerness and zeal for the nursing position in your reply.
Career-Wise, Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years' Time?
Any medical institution that wishes to hire you as a nurse will want to know how serious you are and where do you want to see yourself in five or ten years.  The correct answer to this question would be a very honest answer depicting you as a practical and reasonable person. Show your ambitious side, highlight your passions, talk about the interests which made you take up nursing as a profession but remember never to sound too demanding or shallow with your future plans.
Do You Enjoy Working Alone Or With A Group Of People?
Applying for a nursing position requires you to be a people’s person. This is not any normal 9 to 5, sitting on a desk typing away at the desktop, kind of a job. To be interacting with patients, fellow nurses and doctors will all be in a day’s work for you. Answer this question keeping all the above points in mind.
How Did You Decide To Take Up Nursing As A Career?
To answer this question, mention your strengths that make you a better nurse than all the other candidates who you are competing with. “Serving people and helping those in need gives me a satisfaction which is inexplicable” would be a brilliant answer for this question. Speak about your experience, qualifications and talents and connect them to your aspirations of becoming a professional nurse.
These are just few of the million other questions that you could possibly be asked. Take your time and answer to the best of your ability and remember, the key is to be honest. All the very best from our team here!

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