Opening yourself up to people is an exercise of sharing the feelings inside you with your near ones. Read on to know how to open up to people.

Opening Up To People

Are you an introvert? Do you fear opening up to people? Do you get hiccups when asked to talk to a stranger? Do you feel like being in your own den, amidst your family? Fencing your social circle to a limited number of people can cause trouble for you. Know that this is the age of globalization and talking to people is the only way by which you can survive. After all, you don't want people to mistake your shyness and introversion for arrogance and egotism. Opening up means unbolting your mind to let something in or making a vent to let something out. It means communicating to someone in such a manner that a part of the inner person is expressed to the other person; the inner person whom you always kept in a shadow as he is really complex for he is crude yet emotional, vulnerable yet invincible. This is the prime reason as to why opening up becomes such a difficult task, as we are always in a dilemma if our inner feelings will find acceptance in the outer world. Also, how far would the other person keep the same to himself/herself and not circulate it as public news is a concern of introvert people. Sometimes, low confidence and less self worth is a reason for not opening up to people. Such people have inferiority complex and feel they can't talk as well as others do. But, you need to know that socializing or opening up to people is not a Herculean task and can be mastered with a conscious effort and perseverance. Read on to know more on how to open up to people.
Opening Up To People
  • Try streamlining your inner personality with the outer person and create a harmony between your inner and outer self. This will make sharing your feelings much easier, as most of the inner self will govern your attitude in the outside world.
  • Before opening up to others around, try to open up to yourself. Most of the times, we are at a denial stage wherein we do not want to accept something that is happening to us or that is a part of our life. In such circumstances, it would get doubly difficult to explain the same to someone else. As such, first understand yourself completely and open your heart to your ownself before opening up to others.
  • Once you have opened your heart to yourself, it is time to start talking openly to family and close friends. Amidst people who are close to you, it is easier to speak. Also, this would mean you have crossed the second stage of opening up to people. Ask your friends and family members to give you  feedback as to how you speak as this would help you put your thoughts across in a better way.
  • Once you have attained a comfort zone with your friends and family, it is time to attain the same with people in general. For this, you need to go out and meet people. Talk to them, share your ideas, listen to their views and indulge in a healthy interaction. This would help you open up to people who you know but want to know more and people whom you don’t know but want to make friends with.  
  • The key to opening up is the word "I" and using the first person while communicating. Tell a person "I feel nice that you are here", instead of asking, "Are you happy being here?" This will relax the other person and he too will try to open up as you have opened to him.
  • Though sharing is fun and opening up might be healing, but, keep in mind not to open up too much to a person you are not familiar with or you don’t trust. The other person might end up hurting you after getting the information, as sharing sensitive information with someone leaves you vulnerable to a number of risks.
  • It is always nice to share something with a person who smiles, as it makes the person appear approachable and trustworthy. So, smile as often as possible as it will lead to people opening up to you and, in turn, you will find it easier to open up to them.
Opening up might take time, but it would definitely happen if you put in proper practice and desire the same wholeheartedly.

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