We all have to face rejection at some point of time in our lives. Rejections cause fear in some people. Read the following article to learn various ways of overcoming fear of rejection.

Overcoming Fear Of Rejection

Every individual faces rejection at some point of time in his/her life. While some learn to overcome it, the others develop a fear for the same. The latter is more prominent in those cases where a person is facing rejection since childhood. Such a person is also looked down upon by his peers and has low self confidence. In such people, the fear of rejection becomes so deep that they develop an irrational belief that no one would accept them for the person they are and neither would anyone accept the cause they are standing for. They become afraid of meeting new people or taking up new activities. Rejection also causes people to look for reassurance from other people, often seeking their approval for even the smallest of things. Rejected people act needy and jealous in a relationship, hence driving other people away from them. Rather than getting furious about their parasite instincts, you need to understand that they are in deep sea of trouble and need help to safely come ashore. And if in case you are the one who is constantly rejected and have developed a fear for the same, this article would come in handy. Listed are several ways, adhering to which you can overcome the fear of rejection.
Overcoming Fear Of Rejection
Don't Give Up!
Does the fear of rejection stop you from trying? If yes, then this is probably the first thing that you need to sort out in order to overcome the fear completely. Note that none of us are perfect and none can boast of never facing a failure in life. Be it academically, professionally, emotionally or financially, each one has his share of it. But that does not mean that one stops trying entirely. Don't give up on your work and keep on trying.
Think Positive!
Consider this, you acted courageous and went for it. Now even if you are rejected in the process, you should be proud of yourself for trying. You just made yourself different from the majority of people. While most people were sinking in acceptance with their unhappy life, you went ahead and did what you wanted. Though the result may or may not be favorable, you took the effort of trying at least! When you take on life with this attitude, remember there would be no fears
Define Your Self-Image
Instead of an external opinion, choose to define your self-image yourself. Rate yourself on the basis of the interpersonal qualities you possess. Focus on qualities like honesty, kindness or generosity. One of the very basic steps in overcoming fear of rejection is to remain secure with who you are. Once you know that your self-image is unaffected from the opinion of others, you will not fear their rejection.  
Believe In Yourself
Have a firm belief that you can take care of yourself. Being too dependent on the opinion of others can cause fear of rejection. Once you realize that you can provide the things in your life that you value, you won't fear rejection. Focus on what you have achieved in life and how much more you want to. This belief is sure to drive away the fear of rejection.
You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have
Prior to thinking of yourself as a loser, answer a few questions. Before going for the job interview—do you have a job at hand? Or before asking a person out for a date—do you have a date? If the answer to the question is no, then what is the fear for? Understand that you can't lose anything that you don't have in the first place. When you get this right, the fear of rejection would automatically take a back seat.  
Consider Rejection As An Opportunity
Though, it is easier said than done, start considering rejection as an opportunity. It is widely believed that our attitude makes all the difference in our life. It is upon you to view rejection either as an opportunity or loss. Rejection can provide you with the opportunity to look over certain aspects of your appearance, your behavior and your intelligence. You can choose to take rejection as a constructive or destructive criticism.
Hope these useful tips will help you in overcoming the fear of rejection. Let the fear of rejection not stop you from achieving success in life!

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