What is the need to follow certain guidelines or etiquettes to attend a phone interview? Go through these phone interview etiquettes and understand the important role that it has to play.

Phone Interview Etiquette

With mobile phones a common accessory in the hands of all and sundry, it might not be uncommon for you to speak over the phone for hours together. But, chatting for hours with friends while planning out a weekend plan is much different than attending a ‘telephonic interview’. Anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness and fear take over an otherwise cheerful, smiling and carefree spirit of a person who has to attend a telephonic interview. Phone interviews or telephonic interviews are used typically by managers and recruiters to screen out the possible candidates for the advertised post. It is a method recently adopted by recruiters and hiring managers to cut down on the time and expenditure involved in inviting all the potential candidates. Although a telephonic interview has its set of merits and drawbacks, it serves the purpose of speeding up a recruitment process by culling a list of the most deserving candidates for further processes. Though you don’t meet the interviewer face to face, there are still some etiquettes that a candidate is expected to follow while attending a telephonic interview. In order to learn the etiquettes required for a phone interview, go through the article below.
Telephone Interview Etiquette
  • Once you have come to a consensus regarding the time of the telephonic interview, your next step should be to decide on a calm and quiet place in your house or office, devoid of interruptions. By interruptions we mean, television sound, microwave, printing machine sound, etc that can distract either you or the interviewer. Make it a point not to speak to someone else while in the interview because interrupting an interview call to talk to someone is an impolite gesture.
  • Being nervous before attending the telephonic interview is not uncommon. However, you should make sure that you answer the call in a friendly and professional way. Remember, you are being judged from the first minute of the call and the first impression that you give could probably be the last impression that can decide the fate of the interview.
  • Both tension and apprehension during the telephonic interview might make you speak fast. Avoid this at all costs because while speaking quickly in a telephonic interview you may blurt out something incorrect or even inappropriate. Speaking quickly might also affect your coherency and could de-motivate the interviewer from considering you for the post.
  • Make it a point to smile throughout the telephonic interview. You might be wondering how this might help but smiling will make you sound pleasant and enthusiastic. This will not only give out a positive image to the interviewer and boost up your confidence but could also make the interview go in your favour.
  • The suggestion might sound out of place, but your posture during the telephonic interview does play an important role in boosting up your confidence and revealing your personality. Your posture will have a big impact on your voice and therefore it is advisable to sit straight during the course of the call.
  • It is a common etiquette of any interview for the candidate to know his/her resume thoroughly. A telephonic interview is no exception! A lack of knowledge about your own resume might give you an image of a careless and unprofessional candidate. It is therefore advisable to be thorough with your resume so that you are able to answer any questions or doubts regarding it.
  • You ought to be attentive while attending a telephonic interview. Don’t be under the impression that the interviewer cannot see you and thereby will not know of your un-attentiveness. The degree of your concentration will surely get revealed in the manner you answer or respond back to the questions asked by the interviewer. By asking the interviewer to repeat every question does not put you in a positive light, however, if you are unable to understand the question then do not hesitate to ask for a clarification.
  • Make it a point to speak clearly and concisely while giving a telephonic interview. In case of a telephonic interview, it is your voice that is your selling tool in hand. Make a conscious effort to be articulate and sound confident and convincing. Also speak every sentence slowly and clearly.
Phone interview etiquettes are a must to follow if you wish to increase your chances of securing the job post. This article would have helped you understand the important role played by these simple etiquettes in determining your fate.

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