Aspire to be a successful leader? Then follow the article to know the essential qualities of a good leader.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

If you think that a degree from an elite university and brains is all it takes to be a good leader, then you are rudely mistaken. There was a time when people believed that leadership was an inbred trait, which just passed on from generation to generation, thanks to the genes. Even today, you will find people who will happily vouch for this. However, with time, the clichéd perspective on leadership has undergone a sea change. With many ordinary man of humble lineage rising to be a leader and leaving an indelible impression with their exemplary leadership, now you know that leadership can be coached and learned. Although a child inherits much of his early training and characteristics from his parents and family, the surroundings in which he grows plays a vital role in imbuing leadership qualities in him/her. Leadership traits vary from person to person. However, there are certain qualities like responsibility, character, communication skills, and relationship that are intrinsic trait of every leader. Scroll down this write-up to know more about the qualities of a good leader
Leadership Traits
Strong Character
One thing that sets a leader apart from other mortals is his/her ability to bounce back after a slowdown. Strength of character is what really defines a leader. To lead a team of people or an organization, a leader needs to be cool, composed, and confident enough to drive his team to the edge.
Good Communications
Good communication skills are vital to every leader. The ability to communicate a message across convincingly and forcefully is imperative to any leader. Hence, some amount of expertise over oral communication is called for. However, that isn’t enough. A leader should also be a patient listener, attending to the problems and grudges of his team, and finding effective solutions to ward off all differences and motivating his/her team to be more forthcoming about their ideas, opinions, and issues.
People Skills
People skills are pertinent for effective leadership. The support and co-ordination between the leader and employees is what drives an organization to success. Reaching out to people, treating every member in the team as individual, and encouraging them to be more approaching are some of the key traits that a leader should have.
Sir Winston Churchill was so right when he said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Responsibility is indeed the greatest virtues of a leader. A leader never shrugs from taking responsibility. No matter whose fault it is, a leader is ever willing to take responsibility and even make a few unpopular decisions, if need be. A leader never lets his personal differences get in the way of his professional undertakings and maintains a positive attitude, no matter how odd things are.
Initiative And Inspirational
A leader is more than just the head of the horde. He is someone whom people turns to seek for advice and answers, someone whom people look up to and are in awe of, someone who instills confidence and trust among his people. He is a visionary and has strength of conviction that automatically drives people to follow him. He stirs people to strive for their dreams and meet their aspirations. He initiates, he inspires, and is surely a man of integrity. He stands up for the right and opposes the wrong. He honors his commitments and is respectful, consistent, and humble.
Decision Making Ability
No matter how big the odds are how difficult the situation is, a leader never shies away from making decisions, never mind how unpopular they may be. The growth of any organization largely depends on the decisions made by their top leaders. The ability to make decision serves as a very important quality of a leader as it not only decides the career of a leader, but also can change the fate of the organization.
Leadership doesn’t come with the tag of a manager or supervisor. One has to strive constantly and battle all odds to evolve as a true leader.

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