Hero in a story has several qualities like courage, determination and loyalty which allow him to perform impossible tasks. Read to the following article to know some of the qualities of a hero.

Qualities of A Hero

Many of us are aware of great Indian mythological epic Ramayana, which is the story about the life and journey of Lord Rama. He was a human with no supernatural powers but still he was a man of extraordinary skills and abilities which made him the hero of the story. He was brave, fearless and never hesitated from his duties. Ramayana truly is a story of the heroic sprits of Rama. In this story, Ravana was the antagonist with great strengths and abilities. Ravana was also a great scholar but despite that, he lost to Rama because he had evil intentions. This was the story of a great man, who was benevolent and kind, virtuous and strong—a real hero. He showed that a man should live a dutiful life even in trying times. He was greatly loved by his wife, brothers and family members. His compassion, courage and devotion towards moral values made him revered by all. His is a story of someone who despite having no special powers still posed as the man of honor and words. If you too aim of being a real hero, know that you need to have certain qualities that would ensure this. Herein mentioned are few qualities that when imbibed will make you a hero too.
Qualities Of A Hero
One of the basic qualities of heroes is sacrifice. Heroes are willing to forfeit something important to them for the sake of something which is more valued for the welfare of society and the country. We have seen examples of heroes like Rama, Karna, and William Tell who are known for their deeds of sacrifice.
Determination is the firmness of a purpose and resolve. It is one of the very common qualities of heroes. We have seen example of Alexander the Great who was greatly known for his determination and undefeatable spirit.
Loyalty is the feeling of allegiance to a course of action. Heroes in stories are known for their act of extreme loyalty where they even risk their life to save someone close to them. Robin Hood and his friends are examples of heroes with intense loyalty.
Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain and danger. A hero is known for his physical and moral courage. While the physical courage shows his brave act in times of pain and hardship, moral courage tests his ability to act morally right in times of opposition, shame and discouragement.
It is the selfless devotion towards a course of action. The stories of heroes are generally filled with acts of extreme devotion towards their duty and country. The life of Alexander the Great can be considered as a great example of dedication towards one’s dreams and objectives. Heroes are sometimes so dedicated towards their goals that they ignore even the family ties in the way of their completion of goals.
Bravery is the ability to stand dauntlessly in difficult situations for something you believe is right. Even though bravery can be classified into different categories, physical bravery is one of the most commonly sought-after. Physical bravery is a common trait of heroes as they have been seen demonstrating extraordinary feats in their life. Hercules, a Greek hero was known for his daring acts and extreme physical bravery.
Having perseverance would allow you to seek a goal despite of obstacles. We have seen several examples from the history where heroes have displayed their dogged determination to achieve unachievable feats. Few of such examples are Alexander the Great and Columbus; both of them are known for their perseverance and daring conquests, which took them to unknown worlds.
Being focused is the trait of directing the energy and thoughts at one particular goal. We have read several stories of heroes where they displayed their focused attitude and stood on their decision irrespective of the circumstances of their life.
Conviction is a fixed, unshakable belief shown only by great people and heroes. In the stories, heroes are known for their conviction towards their goals and objectives. They were often seen sacrificing their luxuries of life for the sake of achieving their feats.
One of the very common traits of heroes is their selfless nature. They give more importance to the welfare of others over their personal welfare. William Tell and Robin Hood are some of the examples of selfless souls who acted for the welfare of the society and the country. They even sacrificed their personal comfort for the sake of the betterment of others.
It is a type of adventurous courage in which the individual faces the danger with high and cheerful spirit. Robin Hood was a great example of gallantry where he displayed high spirits while degrading his enemies.
Fortitude is the firmness of spirit, steadiness of will in doing good in spite of obstacles that comes in the way of performing duties. It suppresses excessive fear and curbs recklessness and also moderates rashness, which make it the quality of heroes.
Heroes are not born, they are made. Anyone of us can acquire these heroic qualities and can be a hero.

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