Is talking your forte? Here are some courses in radio jockeying that will turn an annoying habit into a brilliant career!

Radio Jockeying Courses

“Yakaty yakaty yak” there is no stopping you once you start talking! Spontaneity runs in your blood and you can talk at a stretch about anything under the sun. You are the life of a party, an entertainer who is thoroughly missed when not around. If being yourself was all that your profession entailed, then radio jockeying is the thing for you. It is that amazingly glamorous profession, where air waves just transport your voice to the nooks and corner of a city giving you instant fame. Radio is an amazing medium, and has the power to touch peoples’ lives in a rather subtle way. Radio jockeying though a very unconventional profession has a lot to offer and is pretty satisfying professionally as well as monetarily. If you think you can make the air waves sizzle to your tunes, here are a couple of courses to hone your skills as a radio jockey.
Career in Radio Jockeying
Course Details
Radio jockeying is a talent based profession; it does not require any high qualifications. It is more then enough if the candidate has finished his (10+2) in any stream, a degree is an added incentive and the absence of it does not make any difference. A good voice is all that you need, voice modulation is the key to a successful career in radio jockeying. The material you churn out for your radio show also plays a very important role, as your popularity is governed by how much you can relate to the local junta. Apart from this you also need to possess perfect diction, right pronunciation and a flair for the language. The language needs to be colloquial as well as polished. People usually below the age of 35 are preferred for this profession; however there are certain radio stations that make an exception.

Details Of The Course
Radio jockeying usually does not require any kind of formal training. Most industry stalwarts probably believe that it is too spontaneous a profession for any formal training. However, over the course of years, many institutes have started offering diploma courses in radio jockeying. The duration of diploma courses ranges from 8 months to a year. Certain radio channels also conduct a reality TV like scenario where they audition people and train the selected people for radio jockeying. There also exist certificate courses for durations ranging from 3 months to 6 months. The certificate course offered by Radio City, a popular radio channel, includes the following: 

  • Introduction to radio
  • Production
  • On-air-talent (Radio Jockey)
  •  Music Management
  •  Sound Technology
  •  Programming
  •  Marketing and Brand Management
  • Selling Radio
  •  Career Management
  • 3 month internship at radio city. 
Courses in speaking, dubbing and compeering are also considered to be helpful for radio jockeying. 

Skills Required
Some of the personal skills a radio jockey needs to possess are, a good sense of humor and quick wit. It is a job that calls for unexpected reactions, as it deals with constant interaction with people. There might be situations when a radio jockey needs to diplomatically maneuver a conversation out of a tough spot. This requires presence of mind and spontaneity, the two most important attributes of a radio jockey. The radio jockey must also have a lot of knowledge about the genre of music he/she is playing. 

A specialization when it comes to radio jockeying includes diversifying into a voice over artist for advertisements or television-serials. Some of them get into dubbing for movies. However if the radio jockey is good looking then they get into broadcasting as anchors or T.V show hosts. They can always enhance their skills by majoring in with a course in television or film. Considering the fact that it is a talent based industry, the sky is the limit as far as the specialization is concerned. 

Career Prospects
Especially in India, radio is a booming industry. With new private players coming into the market, there are a lot of job opportunities available and the industry is always on the lookout for fresh talent. Radio jockeying abroad is not very easy and a good grip of foreign language or accents is essential to make it big outside India. 

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Radio Jockeying
  • Encompass Institute of Radio Management, Mumbai, India
  • Xavier's Institute of Communication(Course in Announcement, compeering and dubbing), Mumbai, India
  • Radio City, Mumbai, India
  • FTII, Pune, India
  • National school of Drama, Delhi , India (course in public speaking)

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