Check out this recommendation letter from employer and know about the points you need to keep in mind while writing and recommending.

Recommendation Letter From Employer

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have some people praise our existence so that we can go and impress some other people who seem more interesting and worth knowing? This was just a joke; fact of the matter is that it’s a legitimate and effective way of getting yourself recommended. To whom? Well, requesting to your supervisor or manager under whom you have worked to write a recommendation letter to another employer he/she may know to whom you could lend your skillful services. Sometimes it is requested by a potential employer and sometimes it isn’t, but it always helps if the employer you worked with can provide you with a credibility that will help you stand apart from the rest. The potential employer can also ask for a recommendation letter to testify the previous positions held by you in the company, summary of your job responsibilities, your characteristics strengths, skills, and talents as both: person and employee. Read on to know about the guidelines of writing a recommendation letter and a sample of recommendation letter for the employer.
  • First and foremost, it is important to take notice that the potential employer can also sue the person who wrote the recommendation letter if the candidate doesn’t match up to the hype, so it needs to be free of any biases and should be an honest recommendation.
  • Now, start the letter with the date at which the letter will be handed over to the potential employer. Potential employer’s name, designation, name of the company, and its address come in next. If need be, ask from the candidate the correct spelling of the new employer’s name.
  • Moving ahead, mention that you wish to recommend a candidate in your company as a so and so. Introduce yourself as the recommender. Mention a little about your professional position, how you know the candidate and how long your association has been in the company. together.
  • Provide an overview of the general impression you hold for the candidate and how he/she would be appropriate for the position by mentioning the qualifications. Also, include the candidate’s personal qualities and the skills he/she possesses by stating examples of how he/she excelled in your company.
  • Close the body of the letter by restating that you recommend the candidate in your company at a so and so position. Also mention that if need be, the new employer can contact you anytime and leave your contact number for him/her to take notice. Mention your name, position, company’s name and address at the very end and don’t forget to sign on it.
  • Few things to take into consideration before starting on to write the letter are:
  • It should be typed and not written. It will give it a more professional feel.
  • Do not overemphasize on praising the candidate; instead focus on his/her qualifications, skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the task to the best.
  • If you wish to convey a negative quality about a candidate, back it up by some positive quality and stating why someone would want to still have his/her services.
Sample Recommendation Letter From Employer
Prospective Employer Name
Employer Title
Employer Address
Employer City, State, Zip Code
Dear Salutation
I write to you with great pleasance in recommendation of Reginald Jeeves. I have been his supervisor and he has been one our most dedicated employees. For the three years he worked for us, he was never shy of accepting a responsibility whenever it was delegated to him and performed best to his abilities.
Being an independent but a focused worker, he is always able to communicate effectively and perform efficiently, meeting even the demanding of challenges. Putting quite a bunch of our competitor’s at shame, an improbable rise in our portfolio growth was seen, all because of an untiring effort from Jeeves’ part.
Apart from an exceptional job performance, Jeeves has become a close friend of ours’ and is respected by one and all. He truly shines in making true all the corporate values that we hold dear to. Blessed with remarkable intuition, Jeeves has the ability to foresee has been right on the money by foreseeing quite a lot of growth opportunities.
Though his absence will be missed, I highly recommend him for an employment with your organization. A complete team player, wonderful human being, and a respected employee! If you wish to contact for any other details about Jeeves, please call me on this number - 0000-0000.
Best Regards
Employer Name
Employer Title
Employer Address
Employer City, State, Zip Code

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