Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Find out how to build respect at your workplace.

Respect At Workplace

“What goes around comes around” call this the truth behind karma or one of those universal truths that induces the fear of sin in human beings, but it is that one  cardinal philosophy that holds good the most, when it comes to people. “If you are good to mama, mama is good to you!” queen Latifa didn’t just sing these verses in the movie Chicago, on the contrary she spoke of the most fundamental moral emotion which every living being on earth is entitled to. Yes! Respect! Our very existence does not hold any value if people do not respect us. It becomes more so in our workplace, as for most of us who believe that “work is worship”, a lot goes into the hours at a workplace. However when not appreciated or respected for our sincerity and talent, we feel dejected and taken for granted. We find the work we do meaningless, as it does not garner us with respect, the only reason why most of us work. An honest day’s bread, to sleep peacefully during the night and a little bit of acknowledgement from our fellow beings, makes us all content people. Here is how you develop a feeling of mutual respect among the employees.
Respect In The Workplace 
  • Respect starts with the simplest of things, treat every individual with politeness, and be kind to them. If they are facing a problem, try to help them out.
  • If your co-workers have an opinion about something, encourage them to express their opinions. Actively involve them during brainstorming suggestions and encourage each new idea with appreciation.
  • One of the golden rules in any relationship is to listen to people. Listen to their opinions, ideas or other qualms before giving in your viewpoint. Do not butt in, or cut them out while speaking. It is important for the other person to feel that his/her opinion is of value, by interrupting the person you will be showing disrespect. Do not have pre-conceived notions about what that person might be saying.
  • Use the ideas given by your co-workers to improve your work, let the person know that you have used his/ her idea. Encourage other co-workers who are facing the same problem to use the idea. You could also encourage the person who came up with the idea to implement it in the first place.
  • Do not insult people; do not make them believe they are no good because of minor shortcomings in them. Do not indulge in name-calling and the usage of foul language. There are more mature ways of dealing with the same situation. Irrespective of how unfeasible you find that person’s idea, do not discourage the person. It is very essential that people innovate irrespective of how out of the box it seems. Do not get egoistic because you think the person makes more sense then you.
  • Do not constantly criticize people, there are limits to everyone’s endurance, and it is only human to err. Do not belittle or judge someone’s work, you are no authority to it. A series of such actions can affect the self-confidence of a person, and constitute what is called as bullying.
  • Irrespective of which country, religion or race the person is from, treat them all equally, don’t indulge in favoritism. Make policies such that people feel they are treated equally and respectfully. Take into account the religious sentiments if your workforce comprises of people from different religious backgrounds.
  • Praise more than you criticize, praise motivates people to outperform and do a better job.
  • Involve all people in committees and task forces; do not leave out anyone because of any reason.

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