Does the negativity at work making your life a living hell? Here are some tips to minimize the negativity at your workplace.

Negativity In The Workplace

Do you begin each day with a cold dread? Do you spend eight hours of your precious day in a place, which you fear going back to the following morning? Does the very thought of the place leads to a dip in your morale and you get nervous and edgy? The only joyous activity during the day is the end of the day, as you head back to your haven, away from all the negativity. If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then it is safe to assume that you hate your workplace! It is the one place in the whole wide world that sucks all the joy out of you and makes you feel hollow like a stupid machine programmed to do repeated tasks. The vibe from everyone around there is negative, and everyone from the boss to your co-workers, seem to derive some sadistic pleasure out of torturing you. You are a victim of workplace negativity, a common issue which reduces productivity, raises stress levels and creates a bunch of really unhappy people. Here are some tips on how to deal with an atmosphere like that.  
Tips To Minimize Workplace Negativity 
  • Negativity arises in a workplace if the people begin to believe that they have no control over any of the decisions that are made about them. We as human beings like control or at-least the illusion of control. A workplace that is too hierarchical and does not respect the opinions of its employees is bound to breed a lot of hatred among the people. Therefore the first step is to weed out the hierarchical system and respect each person for his or her role in the organization.
  • The second step is to include employees in decisions regarding organizational policies that are going to have a direct impact on them. Change of caterer in the cafeteria, new travel routes for pick up and drop, evening snacks for people working overtime, etc are some of the decisions where employee’s role should be considered.
  • Arrange company picnics or lunches, so that people of different departments get to interact with other. The organization must feel like a second home to the employees.
  • Appreciate good work. It is important that an employee is praised for the good work he/she is churning out. People need to be constantly motivated and inspired to work. Give them perks based on the nature of work they have accomplished.
  • Have programs like employee of the month. However, these initiatives need to be handled with care as it can lead to unhealthy competition.
  • Do not create “rules” for all employees, when only a few people are violating the rules. Deal with the offenders individually. This will create a sense of fairness and people will follow company policy unfailingly.
  • Identify potential and provide them with essential training that will help them grow in an organization.
  • Make new comers comfortable by conducting parties or other social events which will help them in adjusting to the new atmosphere.
  • Do not indulge in backbiting and unnecessary gossip. These are people you work with and you have no right to make comments on their choices or mannerisms.
  • During breaks, make sure you indulge in some small talk that will create some laughter. Have a smiling face; it will automatically make the atmosphere around you more jovial.
  • Take each day as a new beginning, a window to learn. Do not look at it as something burdensome but a place where you learn one of the most prized lessons in life.

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