Here are some morale building activities that are definitely going to make people look forward to work.

Workplace Morale

“I used to be a happy worker, till I went to this wretched place called work”. Are you someone who would say that about his/her workplace? The very thought of your workplace plummets you in depths of despair and you would rather not work at all then go to that claustrophobic cubicle. The atmosphere of a workplace plays a very important role on your state of mind. If positive it can increase productivity and give you immense satisfaction, however if negative it can breed unrest and unhappiness. As an employer if you notice that most people would rather be caught dead then come to work next day, then you have a problem. If coming to work needs to become an enjoyable experience a lot needs to be done by the employer as well as the employee. A workplace comprises of people, it is the people who give meaning to it. Happy people are productive people, if that is your mantra then here are some ways you can lighten up the atmosphere at your workplace and make coming to work an event to look forward to.
Improving Workplace Morale 
  • Laughter is truly the best medicine, studies have shown that humor distresses people completely and increases work output. A smiling workplace is a productive workplace. You can make you work atmosphere lively by putting up a humor board where people can post gags about each other or it can also constitute funny cartoons and caricatures of employees at work.
  • Most people find the thought of working during a stipulated period of time very stressful. Getting to work at nine in the morning alone can be a stressful affair, if you live in a metropolitan city with maddening traffic. The best way of combating this stress is to have flexible timings at work. People must be able to walk in and out of work whenever they want, as long as they finish what is assigned to them.
  • As the CEO of a company, you could have an open door policy. According to the open door policy people can approach the CEO directly incase of any suggestions or problems. This policy eliminates the hierarchy and an employee feels more involved in the company policies.
  • You could also take your employees out on a get-together every month. This would give them an opportunity to bond with the other members of the company and lighten up the whole atmosphere of the workplace. Make sure that the outing is on a weekday, therefore making it a workday which is a fun-day.
  • Board meetings are really boring affairs, you could spice them up by having them in unusual locations. For example you could have a board meeting on a boat in the back waters of Kerala, as people of your team relish Kerala cuisine along with profit estimates or you could take them to a fancy Italian restaurant. It is a nice way of mixing business with pleasure and gives people a lot of happiness.
  • Offer incentives to other employees who coach their co-workers during lunch time or break time. This will create healthy competition and people will take up more responsibilities at work place. It will also save the company a lot of money in training.
  • Have a list of whacky awards to give away each day. It could be awards like “ugliest haircut award” or “the most crushable person in office”. This will increase bonding among the employees, as they will take time out to vote for that person. The award ceremony will also mean a much needed laughter break!

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