In order to bring out the maximum work potential in employees, there has to be some fun at the workplace. Read on to get some ideas for fun at the workplace.

Fun At The Workplace

"The human race has only one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. The moment it arises, all our tensions yield, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place." -- Mark Twain
In any workplace today, threatening people into work better has not really been very effective. Bribing them with more money has shown only short lived success. The only thing that has worked to keep employees happy and to obtain a better output is making the workplace enjoyable. Employees should be looking forward to going to office everyday and not feel like a torture working there. If the organization is about all work and no play, then the company will obviously lose many valuable employees. So its high time managers became aware of creating an ambience that is creative, challenging and fun for the worker as well as for themselves. Below are listed a few ideas for fun at workplace.    
Ideas For Fun At The Workplace 
  • Every month, keep a day where all the employees, including the manager and the boss, have to dress up as some fictional or cartoon character, or as anything else they choose. It should be compulsory for everyone. Also, you could keep an award for the “best dressed person”. Such days will lighten up the atmosphere at work and ease out the tension. 
  • Put games such as chess, pool table, carom, monopoly, etc. for refreshment. Employees who finish their work early can refresh themselves with such recreational games. Also choose a corner in the office to put some gymnastic equipment. A small workout could do wonders to the mind. You could also try putting small beds for employees to take power naps. But you will have to keep strict rules for power naps or else most of the employees will be busy sleeping throughout the day.
  • In lunch breaks or on specific Fridays, organize a karaoke session. Get a karaoke machine in the office and let the employees go wild. For maximum fun, let the managers and bosses be the contestants and employees the judges so that the higher authorities can get a taste of their own medicine!
  • Once every 1 or 2 months, the entire office should take a long lunch break to a fancy restaurant and maybe go out for a movie, as well.
  • If the employees are really frustrated, then make them swear to stay off coffee or tea for a day. This idea should be used only if the employees are really irritated with the work pressure and can only be cured with a sudden outbreak of irrational violence.
  • All the employees should be encouraged to ease out daily stress by spending some time doing something they really enjoy. Small breaks throughout the day can refresh thought processes. Employees should have the freedom to do whatever they enjoy, like listening to music, solving crossword puzzles, going for a stroll (given that they duly return to office and complete the day’s tasks), meditating, etc.
  • Get all the employees to pool in some creative idea for adding fun in the workplace. Try creating a “fun gang”, whose job it is to come up with innovative ideas to make the office environment more entertaining. Let the “fun gang” go wild with creativity since there is no limit to ideas in which you can infuse a lot of fun in the office. However, every week or every month, the members of the “fun gang” should change so that there is always a fresh rotation of fun ideas!
  • Create a cartoons and joke board. All employees could collect and share their favorite cartoons and jokes and put it up on the board.

The benefits to an enjoyable and cheerful office are that employees in high spirits are more loyal and productive employees. There could be a decrease in absenteeism and tardiness since people will look forward to coming to office every day. Also, the company income could also increase since employees will feel content and loyal to that company. Due to positive psychological and physiological effects of laughter that employees experience, such an office will get rid of illnesses, or excuses of illnesses, and will give positive vibes in the office.

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