Instead of listing down the objectives of your life or career, why not use career headlines to strike the employers? Browse through this article to find some examples of good resume titles.

Resume Headline Examples

A resume is the shortcut to your prospects of obtaining a job. But while the entire data listed and described in a resume gives know-how about your goals, objectives, career prospects, qualifications, and experience, it is the headline penned at the top of the resume that actually does the job. It is that added spice in any dish that enhances the flavor and brings out the true taste at the end. As such, a resume headline is a short expressive statement that briefly and creatively highlights your key skills and accomplishments made throughout your career so far. Thus, it should be devised and created in such a manner that captures the reader’s attention instantly and induces him to think upon giving you a chance of sitting in the interview for the said post. Not only will a well-formed and defined headline place your resume at the top of the pile of resumes lying around, it will also make the task of the employer easier to find a brief description of your employment history and education. While forming a resume title is easy, it is its design that stands out. Check out how you can design an influential and powerful resume title in the following text. Also, go through the various examples listed in the same context.
Examples Of Good Resume Titles
While designing a headline for your resume, do not forget to include your background that will help in qualifying you for the applied post. The basic idea of including a resume headline is to highlight the positive aspects of employing you and giving brief knowledge about your past experience. Thus, while creating a headline for your resume, make sure that you incorporate all the important factors that would keep you ahead of other applicants. One such essential component is your background. Take a look at some examples of background that you can contain in your resume title.
  • Senior Accountant with CPA Certification and 20 Years of Experience
  • 25 Years as a Police Officer Makes Me the Right Security Specialist for You
  • Job seeker with 15 Years of Customer Service Experience
Personal Characteristics
However, if you are new to the career field and have just qualified your examinations, then you probably will not have much to boast about your background. In such a case, focusing on your personal characteristics will lead your way to getting qualified for the job. A potential employer always looks out for employees with certain qualities, such as determined, well-organized, dependable, hard-working, trustworthy, and so on. And if you manage to highlight these characteristics in your resume headline, it will make the job of the employer easier while short-listing the pile of resumes received. Given below are some examples of personal traits and qualities to consider while designing your curriculum vitae.
  • Not One Sick Day in The Last Five Years
  • The Army Taught Me the Importance of Loyalty
  • Well-Organized and Hard-Working Individual
Last, but not the least, what a potential employer always looks for in any candidate’s resume is the skills acquired by him. Skills that you have developed over time or have been gifted with are the main components of a resume headline that will make you valuable and stand ahead of other resumes. Before applying for a job in any company, perform a thorough research about the company and determine which skills of yours will be of utmost use to the company. Accordingly, include your best and most appropriate skills in the resume headline. Say, for instance, software developers will look for different computer languages that you are expert in. Similarly, restaurant managers will always desire applicants with the different services you can provide your customers with. Highlight your proficiency through your resume headline. Take a look at some useful skills to fit in a resume title.
  • Sales Manager Well Versed in Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Certified in C+, ASP and LAN Administration
  • Accountant Who Knows Peachtree, Quicken and QuickBooks
To comprise all the factors in a resume headline, we present you some effective and useful examples of resume titles. Read on further and see which resume headlines suits your resume the best.
  • An internet marketing manager professional with 15 years experience in the internet industry. Worked on SEO, SEM and web sites design and development. A proven record of developing new Internet business brands and strategies.
  • Over 10 years of in-depth experience in the Telecom industry. Managed 8 -10 million budget projects and achieved project scheduled goals. A leader in managing cross company teams through effective and motivating mentoring strategies. Effective analytical and interpersonal communication skills combined with team leadership that allows me to deliver great results over the years.
  • Dynamic and versatile CPA with solid analytical skills and financial knowledge as well as a dedication to results offers over ten years of management, manufacturing and healthcare experience.
  • 10 year of experience as a key R&D team leader who was responsible for developing products from concept to commercialization.
  • Extensive knowledge as a systems architect and software developer – analysis, design, architecture, development and management of complex software solutions.
  • Highly qualified telecommunications professional with an MBA and five years experience in sales engineering and channel marketing.
While the resume headline has to be creative to attract the employer, remember to keep it brief and not lengthen it into a telltale story. Go ahead and let your employers know what you can bring to the table through an effective and expressive resume title. Good luck!

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