An acceptance letter is written when you have agreed to sign the dotted line and join an organisation as an employee. Read the following article to know more about job acceptance sample letters.

Sample Acceptance Letter

After the acceptance letter comes the euphoria – treats for the kith and kin and dancing around the entire house – and then it is time to write the serious, formal, boring (compared to the dancing, treats, etc.) but the all-important ‘job acceptance’ letter. This letter expresses gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity provided with the new organisation. A written acceptance of the job offer implies agreeing to the terms and conditions (salary, benefits, etc.) and the starting date of employment. A sample acceptance letter should be planned carefully and worded appropriately as it is a reflection of your professionalism. Always write an acceptance letter if you have agreed to accept the job or inform the company either telephonically or in person. This letter is more than just a ‘thank-you’ letter – it makes your new employer or organisation feel comfortable with the choice that they have made and leaves no room for raised eyebrows. More than clearing out the terms and clarifying misunderstanding regarding the terms and conditions, salary structure or the date of joining, this written document implies that you acknowledge your responsibilities and obligations to the company. Read the following section to find out more.
Job Acceptance Letter Sample
The following tips and advice should be followed while composing the acceptance letter:
  • Begin the acceptance letter by thanking the company or the specific HR or manager who contacted you with the good news. Express your gratitude to them for considering your candidacy and clearly mention your decision to accept the job offer.
  • Use your acceptance letter to re-establish minor details including the basic terms of employment like hours per week, holiday scheme, salary and other perks and benefits.
  • Restate the instructions that you were initially given regarding your joining date, appropriate dress and your roles and responsibilities.
  • Request clarification, in your acceptance letter, regarding any terms or clauses of employment that sounded vague to you in the interview or the ones that concerned you afterwards. Use this letter as an opportunity to clear your doubts about any existing confusions.
  • Conclude the letter with an expression that shows how much you look forward to the new position and responsibilities. Mentioning one or two aspects of the job, that you are especially looking forward to, will break away from the formal business like tone and add a personal touch to your letter.
Your Name
Your Address 
Your City, State, Zip Code 
Your Phone Number 
Your Email 

Subject: Your Name- post of XYZ (Mention the post or designation that you have been hired under)

Name of your interviewer
City, State, Zip Code 

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

After having considered your offer for AAA (mention the position title here) at ABC (mention the name of the organisation), it is with great enthusiasm that I accept this position. This job opportunity fits with my career expectations and path and I therefore, look forward to contributing to the success of ABC (write the Company name here).
am very pleased to accept your salary offer of XXX (mention the salary) annually. As we agreed, I will begin work on X (mention the date of joining), after I fulfil my obligations to my current place of employment. 
I have already handed in my notice from my current job, the notice period being XYZ (include the notice period length). I also understand that I will receive full company pay and benefits during the 12-week training program during which I shall be considered probationary. As is understood, there will be a 3 weeks paid vacation leave each year.
Thank you again for offering me this wonderful opportunity and do let me know if I can do anything in advance of my joining to facilitate the paperwork, or if there are any areas you'd like me to be reading up on.
What a delight it will be to work with you and your entire team!
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Your Signature
Your Name

Hope the above article and sample letter gave you all the information that you need to draft an acceptance letter.

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